Home Games on ESPN+ Appreciation Thread

Anyone else love rewatching home games? You look at the screen and see an ESPN logo but honestly it feels like you’re watching UHTV. Reid Gettys doesn’t give any you know whats about sounding like a homer and I love it.

How can we make sure this continues in the Big 12? I know there’s a new tv contract looming. Sure would be nice to turn on “UHTV powered by ESPN+“ simulcast on at&t sportsnet in 2025…


The B12 currently has a espn+ contract as well. Not sure of the particulars, but seems similar to the aac’s. I am guessing that will continue in any new contract considering espn’s push for on-line content.

I love Reid Gettys basketball announcing on The Plus.


Imagine Hofstra fans listening to (2) Cougar Alums call Tuesday’s game? Lol

I enjoyed the broadcast


My picture was not always clear…

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Maybe that’s a internet speed problem…? Would it get very pixelated? My complain is that since we are paying for the subscription maybe send better cameramen and cameras. Games on the plus always look like they are shot with obsolete tech.

No issues here…pic was great on tablet while surfing other games on the tv.