Homeschooling for Nazis

Really sad.


Nazi groomers. Child abuse.


I saw this yesterday. At first, while I was reading it, I wasn’t sure if this was real or a hoax. Unfortunately, it seems to be very real…and scary.


There seems to be a problem with people wanting to be as contrarian as possible just to get attention, IMHO,

Can’t think of any other reason for that kind of garbage that truly borders on insanity.

A concerted, decades-long campaign by right-wing Christian groups to deregulate home schooling has afforded parents wide latitude in how they teach their kids — even if that means indoctrinating them with explicit fascism.

Meanwhile major right-wing figures are increasingly promoting home schooling as a way to save children from alleged “wokeness” — or liberal ideas about race and gender — in public and private schools.

Exactly but I’m not at all certain why they are so afraid. :person_shrugging:

I don’t think this is being done just to get attention. Anti-Semitism is real and on the rise everywhere. To be clear, I don’t think you were claiming otherwise.

About a decade ago, it seemed that it was mostly in Europe. No surprise it’s on our doorsteps now…literally. Here in Mo City, there has been more than one instance of anti-Semitic flyers left on peoples’ front porches over the last year or so. Congregation Emanuel in the Rice Village had an incident not too long ago where a woman poured wine over the Torah. She was arrested and released. She came back to that synagogue and frightened a Sunday School class. My small synagogue (maybe 100 families) has security every Shabbat, religious school, event or gatherings we have. Frankly, we don’t open our doors without a security presence.


Maybe they just want their kids to learn a proper definition of “female.”


Ahh yes it all has to do with that one single definition. You nailed it. /s

Maybe they also want to develop a sense of humor.

If that was supposed to be a joke, it sure looked like a serious post that we see here so it wasn’t a very good joke.


Such a sad post from the actually being ass munching Nazi’s to teaching kids that is ok to be a Nazi and such. To the fact that states are so deregulated on home schooling that parents could probably get away without teaching kids to read and it be perfectly legal

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This is where it’s happening lol


The beauty of diversity !