Honest Question

A POTUS alum would also be nice for our University. Especially since only ONE Texas University has produced one and it wasn’t UT or TAMU. Imagine if we beat them to the White House.

Had we ever had any serious candidates other than EW?


I think that others have a valid point.

Until we are P5, basketball, baseball, and track all have a realistic shot at the national title.

Football likely does not, even though I personally like football more, and agree that here in TX, football does, and SHOULD have primacy.

So focus our efforts on getting into a P5 by being a NC contender in those three sports.

Then we can give equal weight to success in all four once admitted.


I give…who is EW?

Elizabeth Warren

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Wow, did not know that 1970 at UH?!

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Don’t get excited she ran us down awhile back some comment about small commuter college referring to us when she was here

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UH was a commuter school 50 years ago, no?

Last year she tweeted out “It’s always a good day to be reminded that I got where I am because a great education was available for $50 a semester at the University of Houston (go Cougars!).” She claims us.


Really tough question. I’d prefer whichever one would have the best chance of getting us P5 money. So probably football

Commuter school? Yes. Small? No.

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It’s worse than you think.

At least once, she compared us to a dang community college.

See here:


We were NEVER a dang two year community college, or anything like one.

She shouldn’t run us down by comparing us, and our students/alumni (even herself) to the likes of them.

VERY insulting.


Where did she compare us to a community college?

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I think we can be a dominant basketball school. I think we can be a good to sometimes very good football school. I would be very pleased with our athletic department if we build:

Basketball into a deep tourney team every year. I think we are there.

Track into a nation title contender and the premier sprints school. I think we are there.

Football into a top 25 contender every year and conference champion evert three years. We are not there but we are not that far away.

Baseball into the dominant AAC school and a CWS contender each year. We are not there but the pieces are.


We were literally founded as a Junior College…


Oh how great it would be to get back to like it was in the 70s and 80s where UH had a dominant basketball program and a great football program that had national respect. Our basketball program is getting back to it and I believe that the football program is making progress. I think Dana has a long term plan and will get us there. The biggest thing holding UH from being a beast unleashed from the cage we been stuck in is getting into a P5. Give us a level playing field and the recourses for all our sports and we will be a force in college sports!

Not since we’ve been called the UNIVERSITY of Houston.

Certainly not during Warren’s time. It’s an insulting comparison.

Houston Junior College may have been our predecessor, but we became a university in 1934.

By the time Warren attended, we were a doctoral granting school.


You obviously didn’t click on the link and read the article.

She was there at a dang two year college, trying to compare her own experience at a doctoral granting full scale UNIVERSITY (OUR University) to theirs at that school.

That’s demeaning and insulting.

At best, her analogy is bogus, at worst, it’s an insult to UH because it implies that we are like a dang two year college.


What, pray tell, is demeaning about being compared to a community college?

A lot!

Lower admission standards, lower academic prestige, and less valuable/less marketable degrees.

Compare the difference between a UH grad and a HCC grad in terms of marketability and academic prestige, why don’t you?

If someone compared UH to HCC, most UH grads would understandably and reasonably take offense.

Warren basically did the same thing with UH and this other two year college.


I read through the article twice. She didn’t compare us to a community college anywhere in the article.


You must be joking.

Whuddya call this?

Quote: “We moved to a town that was about 30 miles away from a commuter college where the tuition was $50 a semester. I grabbed that chance and I held on for dear life,” she said. “I graduated. Best of all I got that job teaching special needs kids in a public school.”

The audience of graduates, family, friends, college faculty, and staff erupted in applause.

“I can relate,” said Renarda Huggins

Come on now.

She was trying to get the audience to relate her own experience (at a doctoral granting university…OUR university) to their experience at a dang two year college, and apparently, the attempt was SUCCESSFUL!!!

People did relate, even though the experiences are obviously WAY different and the two schools TOTALLY different.

As I said, really insulting to UH. Our school is NOTHING like that two year college, and any experience she had at UH could not have been comparable to an experience at a two year college.

It’s a part of her bogus “pauperization” narrative…along with her bogus claim to being a “Native American” instead of the middle American, middle class WASP that she is.