Honey, I shrunk Robbie Armbrester

I’m sure many have brought this up. But Robbie Armbrester was originally listed as 6’ 6" by ESPN and 247 recruiting

And now he’s listed as 6’ 4". What happened? Lol.
Next time measure without the shoes

Well we probably measured them with shoes off, which is a big difference usually takes away 1-2 inches. We also don’t over exaggerate our numbers. Powell was called 6’10 and we have him listed at 6’8


Yep. At 6ft 6", I was like okay he can play the 3, maybe even the 4 position, like Jwan Roberts does.

But 6 ft 4", now he’s really got to work his jump shot, his ball handling to play guard for us.

I think he’s more Nate Hinton than Jwan Roberts


True. Nate played point guard for his AAU team.

The highlights I saw of Armbrester, he was playing post. Playing as an undersized big. From what I saw. Alot of dunks. Not alot of jump shots or 3s.

Obviously has a good motor. But he did clank 4 free throws against Oregon. His jumpshhot is a work in progress. But I’m rooting for the kid

Yeah going to interesting to see how he develops next year. I think these next 3 games are important for him. 3 games we should be up really big and he should get some time. These are the games that are key to his development. Like Shead last year. I was so excited to see Robbie hit a 3.


Well he doesn’t play barefoot so he is 6’6” :sunglasses:


Powell said Bishop owns the measurements and at least in his case he had to take shoes off for his measurement. He said he is 6-10 with shoes and 6-8 without.

Powell must be sporting some platform heels. :slightly_smiling_face:


Or there is some rounding involved since it isn’t the combine

In my high school football program, I was listed as 5-9 and 175 when I was 5-6 and 130. Don’t believe HS metrics.

This is a new thing because for as long as I can remember UH hoops has been known to fudge the size of our players.

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Hakeem Olajuwon. The 6’10", 7’ center.


So Mike, are you still at your playing weight? :laughing:

Somewhere in there is my playing weight; let’s just say I have a lot of reserve.

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There must be some explanation.
Could it be?


This might another explanation. Al might have something to do with it.

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He needs to take it easy on the pasta!!!

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