Horizontal jumping

Watching Utah / USC with What a long strange trip it’s been Walton doing color.

BW made an interesting observation about rebounding, describing it as horizontal jumping rather that vertical jumping. I’ve never considered this, but it sort of makes sense.


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It’s definitely a strange trip because USC Is actually UCLA…and Utah is actually Oregon.

Been tokin’ with Bill? :smile:


That’s usually a strange trip.

What is the color of “Blah” ? ? ? ? ?


Color me confused. I was watching USC/Utah (at Utah) on ESPN when I posted. Started watching mid first half. Maybe it was a rerun of an earlier game.

As my wife often points out, I have O.L.D. disease :laughing:


Bill can make anyone feel like they’re in an alternate universe. He’s a great big ol goofball.

Regardless of my apparently mistimed post,I still find his observation novel.

One of the (many) reasons that I absolutely love Sampson’s system is that it emphasizes rebounding, defense, and protecting the ball (his “trinity”). When I played, those were my (only) strengths. I prided myself on tough D and tenacious rebounding. Sort of a slow, nonathletic, poor shooting Justin Gorham.

Hey Samps - sign me up!


Lance Zeirlien does a hilarious Bill Walton impression.

If you’re sitting on the player’s knees that you’re boxing out then they can’t jump vertically, or horizontally…


My favorite was to step on their foot. Pretty hard to jump!