Horns are stuck till 2025 season

Looks like we may be playing them at least one season

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Not sure anyone knows yet.

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They will be in the SEC possibly next year… maybe 2023. The $$ just haven’t been worked out yet.

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It’s an odd thing to think the AAC teams would leave early but not UT and OU

If the Big 12 schedules ut to play us in Old Robinson Stadium, they will leave quickly.


Does that mean we get a piece of exit fees?

Texas and OU will be out sooner rather than later. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were in SEC next year.

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Agree. OU and UT will ply at most next year in the Big12.

I doubt they stay til 2025. Would be great if they did, but wouldn’t bet on it

The bronze cougar statue will run off into Cullen fountain before Texas plays us in football.


The horns need to get out of our conference, they make it weak.:rofl:


don’t know, there is a bunch of content with fox which is impacted if the sooners and ut go early that might be problematic with the sec network etc, and the exit fee is huge
we will see how things go



Yeah. Robinson. They’ve hated that stadium for years. Last time they played there, they said that they would never, ever, never, ever play there again.


That money doesn’t really benefit the conference long term and its unlikely anyone wants to pay 160m in cold hard cash right now for a dumb exit fee. will be interesting what they come up with.


Exactly. Just like the Simon and Garfunkel song from The Graduate.