Hot Girlfriend Syndrome

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This is a really good analogy.

Oooh, made it on CoogFans! Thanks for sharing here. :slight_smile:


I like the article and I’m not going to worry about speculation right now. Just enjoy the season and let it happen as destiny would have it. Some things are beyond our control. Go Coogs!

It should be everyone’s goal to outkick their coverage! I know I did. Time to put a ring on it (another contract once we get P5 status), and things will take care of themselves.

Now you know you’ve hit the big time!


You are absolutely right about our leadership: strong, stable, and driven to succeed and excel. Just go and watch Dr. Khator’s Fall address yesterday and you get a glimpse of that. There is no way our leaders will let go of CTH.

I’ll never forget the time Tom Franklin had one too many Dr Peppers at a football banquet and advised the team to follow his and the coaches’ example, and “Marry Up.”

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