Houston #21 in Latest CFP Rankings

Accepting Notre Dame because they have something to prove after losing their coach while denying Cincinnati since they lost their coach and may not play as well would be extremely on-brand for the committee.

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Wait, sorry but that statement contradicts. Did you mean to say even if UH beats UC UC would still get the at large bid if they are ranked higher? Or, does the bud go to the highest ranked G5 conference champ?

Left out the word champion. Highest rated G5 champion gets the birth.


On the very off chance that Cincinnati wins on Saturday :sunglasses:, if they don’t stay in the top four, the committee would have lost what little remaining credibility they have. What more could Cincinnati have done?

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It will be a helluva fall from the playoffs to the armed forces bowl for Cincinnati.

We know the feeling. In 2011 we went from the Sugar Bowl to the ticket city bowl over the course of three hours.


Yep. This is what I was afraid of. If everyone wins but Georgia, then Okie Lite could leapfrog Cincy and then you would have madness on your hands. The greatest statement you could make if this were to happen is all G5 schools stepping down from their Bowl games as a protest.

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I think they find a way to keep Cincy out. SOS probably

Nor here apparently :roll_eyes:


They’re going to find it… UH - 38, Cinci - 21


you left out “thanks to Sumlin and the Aggies”


apply that to UH and we barely beat Navy, SMU, ECU, etc

Bama should get credit for finding ways to win too. And against much better teams than the likes of ECU


They did apply that to UH… that’s why we are only ranked 21.


Unfortunately, when it comes to P5 teams, it appears the committee will forgive bad losses or close wins against mediocre teams, as long as you have a “good win” or two.

I enjoy not caring one iota who is in the playoff. If I had to worry about it I say I want OSU to get in and win it all. But I’m not at the point of caring yet.

I disagree

Bama has been in the playoff every year pretty much, so they are held to a different standard

We are in CHD-Year 3 coming off bad seasons.

Agree to disagree

If Cincy beats us they will be hard to force out. Worst case for Cincy is Bama, Mich and OKST win then the committee could try to wedge in OKST.
Could a 2 loss Bama stay in, or a 2 loss Baylor or Iowa jump Cincy? I guess but damn that would look bad.

Yeah if they let in a 2 loss Bama over an undefeated Cincinnati that would cause such an uproar that you would probably guarantee government oversight/regulation of some sort.

I guarantee that these leagues don’t want the IRS going through their books or the books of their donors. Ask Al Capone!

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This I think sums up the mentality pretty well. How well you do on this metric is 95% based on who you can schedule and disregards losses.

The more we see this, the more trouble I think Cincinnati is in. As of right now I think Cincinnati is in if Georgia beats Bama, but out if Bama wins.

Call me skeptical. I think they boot Cincy with a SOS bs excuse.


Sagarin rankings are terrible. Last I checked we were behind 3 win Nebraska.

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