Houston 34, Rice 27: Owls were the real winner

Dana gets skewered


When I read this the word ‘underachieve’, when applied to this year’s team, really stood out.

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We’re not playing well right now but Brian Smith is full of crap as always. The bucket is still at our house. Rice didn’t win sh!t.


Just an opportunity for the Comical hacks to show their true colors.
Mad because the Whorns lost so hate on one of the Coogs


Dumb article… over dramatic as well.


Brian Smith still leaves cookies out for Santa Claus so in his mind this makes sense.


Bucket don’t lie.


Well then we and Texas were the real winners at Texas Tech. I wonder, is there another major college program that has as hostile local media as Houston?


Bayou Bucket > Moral Victory Tea cup saucer plate set

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I remember the 1990 game vs Rice in the R&S years where were probably 3TD favorites. The game was ugly, but we won on a last-second Roman Anderson FG after being outplayed most of the game.

We did some good things that year, and nobody got fired.

He lost me at “Respect against USC in the coliseum” when talking about Rice and Bloomgten

Seriously smith? They lost 66-14, what’s respectful about that loss LOL

Maybe this article will light a fire under the team, anyone know if Smith goes to the press conferences? Would pay to see an exchange between Dana and him


I doubt he’s ever left his little troll bridge


Some things never change…

We have the W. Rice has the L. The Chronicle still sucks.


Smith may be a little over-dramatic, but this piece feels like a harsh critique of the Dana Holgorsen tenure at UH – while, of course, simultaneously being appreciative of the Rice football team’s efforts. Whether that criticism is justifiable or not is likely dependent on one’s own view of CDH’s tenure.


Mike Bloomgren’s team attacked, kept battling and refused to go away. At the most basic level, Bloomgren did more with less on Saturday and Rice (2-2) fought between the lines like it fully believed in its head coach.

Holgorsen is doing less with more. He coolly teased winning games when he was hired, yet now sounds exhausted by the real-world demands of his job. And the Coogs’ empty stands are mirroring the uneven state of an underachieving program.

Post-victory, Holgorsen said that he’s coached the same way for decades and the current recurring problems are irritating.

“I wasn’t pleasant at halftime to coaches or players,” Holgorsen said. “I’m tired of doing it, man, tired of yelling at them. Tired of motivating them. Tired of all of that crap.”

UH is underachieving and fighting itself, then barely returning to .500 under Holgorsen.

Smith and Solomon are only there to drive clicks. They are not real reporters. They are the sports equivalents of gossip columnists / political opinion pieces.

That being said, I will agree with the Coogs underachieving and they look like they have no fire for the most part. The losses on defense are bigger than I thought – I figured the pressure from the DL would help the DBs trying to fill the void of losing two NFL DBs. I figured the influx of talent at WR would help offset the loss of McCaskill. I figured wrong.

So far the Coogs have lost to Texas Tech and a much-improved Kansas. Make one stop at the end of the Tech game and they are 3-1 and not 2-2. UH struggled with Rice so, unless some fundamental shift happens, UH will likely struggle to win every game. However, at this point, none of the losses are horrible. They haven’t lost to App State, Middle Tennessee, Southern Miss, etc.

I don’t kid myself into thinking this team can win the AAC Championship unless they can clean up their act and somehow find an offensive spark to simply outscore each team on the schedule. Any W should be cherished.

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I think that’s something we have forgotten. The hype around the new guys and top returners, combined with the “WE’RE B12” cockiness seems to have gone to our heads.

Our new guys haven’t performed as well as we thought, injuries have been a problem, and we’ve basically played to our competition in every game. Some teams can right the ship (last year) and some never figure it out. We’re a work in progress, not some AAC juggernaut


is he wrong?

Who did overachieve? and who underachieved?

We are not a fun team to watch…I will be there thick or thin…but the rest of troops? Really hard for the casual fan and the armchair Coogs to get fired up.


Perhaps the press doesn’t like Dana?

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Perhaps. :laughing:

What a croc, the scoreboard tells you who the winners are, not some biased media hack.