Houston and the Big 12

From a brand standpoint, I wonder if the Big 12 would rather have had the 2016 Houston program than the 2021 Houston Program as a new conference addition?

Think about it…had the Big12 invited the 2016 Houston squad, they would have gotten a program that had just beaten Oklahoma in a nearly sold out NRG …a program that routinely packed TDECU and posted impressive TV numbers. Had the 2016 invite come ( say for UH + BYU), even if Hernan still bolted for UT, we would have ridden that wave into a P5 with a quality coach.

We wouldn’t have had to go cheap for Applewhite and I imagine we would have gotten a huge boost in recruiting allowing us to build depth and stay competitive.

By waiting, they get a 2021 Houston program on very shaky ground. No buzz for the Texas kickoff game vs Tech, Half filled TDECU, recruiting issues, head coaching uncertainty but we do have a better basketball team than 2021 but we all know Football drives the bus.

Watching BYU/South Florida it feels as if the other three invites (BYU, UC, UCF) are riding high into the Big 12 and are showing WHY they deserve the invite right NOW and we are limping in.

It really seems like us NOT getting the invite in 2016 put us in a downward spiral


Texas made TT look like Rice. Houston might be winning but they will be crushed in the Big12. They should probably let the AD do his job and find a coach next time.


I don’t blame that KSU guy (and some others) for being less enthusiastic about us than the others.

Just look at the BYU game right now…they are playing USF and the place is packed.

And the big P5 flagship public school in that state is Utah…not BYU.

I don’t care much what the other schools think. We’re going to hate them all soon enough. Might as well start now.


The 8 leftovers got dupped by UT/OU twice.
In 2016 by being convinced not to expand and then in 2021 by being left behind.


Coogs got screwed out of the initial formation of the big 12. Even though we weren’t good in the years leading into the big 12. Also coogfans: man we aren’t good enough for the big 12 now… :woozy_face:

To be honest…we are Kansas level bad right now and will be for our first few years in the Big12.

They need to decide if CDH is THE guy or NOT.

I can live with a couple/few bad years as long as it doesn’t become self-reinforcing

You lose, so recruiting gets worse, so you lose more, so recruiting gets even worse… Baylor of yesteryear and Kansas today…

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Have you compared the win/ loss records of ku v uh since 2016? We aren’t Kansas bad. They have won like 9 games in that period. We are 3-1. I know a lot of people aren’t super excited with what Dana has done so far but come on. Kansas bad is a bit extreme.


You think the CDH squad from the last 3 years will do that well playing a P5 schedule ?

UH hasn’t played in BIG12 last 5 yrs. Big difference.

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Why make a thread about this? I don’t disagree but it’s just more negativity. P.S. I’m watching Oregon-Arizona and I think it would be fun to be in the PAC 12. I think we fit with a lot of those big city schools and the prospects of bringing in brands like Oregon, Stanford, USC etc. would be awesome.

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Utah doesn’t have half the following that BYU does.

Just questioning the difference in the current "brand " they are getting but I guess the other 3 are high right now.

So why are we even comparing ourselves to what ku has done? What’s the point of this thread?

When you run out of ways to run down the coach and QB, you start another thread to run down the program which is really just another veiled attack of the coach and QB. But maybe it is therapeutic for them.

The point is that the Houston they are getting in 2021, by waiting to invite us, is drastically different than the Houston they would have gotten had they sent out the invite in 2016…a Houston program that was riding very high.

The 2021 is closer to Kansas than the top. Even Texas Tech blew us out…let’s see how they do against Kansas

Utah just expanded their stadium to 51,000 after years of over capacity sellouts of 46,000.

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No…it’s a reflection on where we were in 2016 and where our decisions since then have led us to in 2021.

The P5 invite now is more just an example of perfect place at perfect time…in 2016 we were delivering P5 results!