Houston Area TV ratings After week 6

I was able to get the full Week 1 Houston area ratings so this is the full list.


I love that the Big 12 own the market. The SEC and Houston are no threat.

TT, Baylor and TCU just dominate.


UT is the only B12 team from Texas in the top 25. That says all you need to know about Tech, BU and TCU.

Further, there isn’t a single game in the top 25 with a B12 team that doesn’t have UT or OU as a participant. UT and OU are the only ones drawing eyes for the B12 in Houston and probably everywhere else too for the B12.

If you add the UH games to the B12 games in the top 30 it equals the SEC’s number of games.

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Worth noting Cincy and UConn are both Thursday games.


OU-UH 12.8
OU-UT 5.2

Yes, I know that OU-UT was on FS1 and we were on ABC. Its still fun to look at those numbers anyway.

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C’mon SEC!!! Help us kill the big 12!!

I think the biggest takeaway is imagine the ratings for Houston-OU, Houston-UT, Houston-OSU, Houston-Baylor, Houston-TCU, Houston-KSU, Houston-WV, Houston-BYU, Houston-Tech, and even Houston-KU/ISU. If we’re drawing 6.3 and 6.7 against freaking UCONN and Cincy on a Thursday up against the NFL, we should kill against Big 12 competition. You can throw in the fact that Big 12 ratings across the board should go up as UH fans have more incentive to watch those games.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself. There is a ton of gold just laying there in these ratings. Guess we’ll find out if the Big 12 folks can read and write. It’s all there for the taking.

Even though A&M does OK their best 3 or 4 games are barely half a point ahead of UH vs Cincinnati. Tell me UH brings nothing.

Excellent work!

We pulled a 2.0 for Lamar on the CW39. That’s not to shabby.

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