Houston Astros 2023 Season on a daily roll

There is no guarantee this team even makes the playoffs. Two more against Baltimore and then three at Seattle and three at Arizona (plus the three games against the Royals).



The SP is just not there….never would have dreamed I would say that about this club.

Framber- Jekyll and Hyde


Javier- a shell of himself

Garcia- TJ

Lance- WTHK’s, fragile as glass

France- nice surprise, bulldog with average stuff

Hunter- great stuff, control not there yet


Yea. We’re gonna need a lot of things to line up at the right time.

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Way to keep 'em guessing, Dusty. :laughing:

Why doesn’t he put Madonado at leadoff? Fat-ism?


Ooh, he should totally do a lineup in order of weight, then reverse it the next night. Would make about as much sense as anything else.

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Altuve - 166
Dubon - 173
Bregman - 192
Diaz - 195
Tucker - 199
Pena - 202
McCormick - 208
Alvarez - 225
Abreu - 235

Actually…swap Alvarez and Dubon, and that looks pretty good. :laughing:

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No Brantley again? I don’t know how these guys can ever get into a groove the way Dusty sits them. SMH


But he’s too tired to face a righty.


It was just reported he’s dealing with soreness. I must admit I did not think he’d come back again. That being said, might be time for him to retire.

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If he’s going to retire then play the final 20-25 games until it tears off the scapula.


I cringed when he made that throw home.

Brown again w the early HRs.
Taller CF maybe catches it at the wall.

Need a much taller LF.

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Dusty has no read on pitchers anymore at all….an average fan can tell when a guy is labouring….Dusty will run them out for the next inning and wait for them to give up more runs or atleast put guys on base….every damn time.

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Jesus, can’t even execute fundamentals at this point.

Y’all, I’m as excited about Yanier as I was about Yordan when he came up. The Astros have never had guys like either one of them.

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Whipped again. Orioles Home Run Derby tonight.

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They’re taking full advantage of the work done on the batter’s eye.

Dusty pushing all the right buttons.

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