Houston Astros 2024 Season

Congrats to Jeremy Pena for surpassing his home run total of two this week Vs all of July, August, September, and October of last year.

If you don’t know then you’re too stupid to begin with….but I should expect that from a grown man jomboy fanboy.

Kids raking and you’re still talking sh-t about him.

Go away.

That’s not sh-t talking, cupcake. It’s giving him props for breaking out of a long power slump.

Keep reaching.

That’s not giving him “ props”….

Nobody wants you on the baseball board….you offer nothing.

You are the resident “turd in the punch bowl”.

Sure thing, Polly. If that is the case, then get the mods to pull the trigger and ban me from the baseball board.

All I did was offer up stats and an opinion on Jomboy’s breakdown of Blanco’s pitch selection and you went bonkers by calling it all BS with the scouting report and that hitters “adjusting” in his future starts is nonsense.

But you be you, bro.

Tie score – 0-0.
Let’s move on fellas.

Jesse you know that’s not true :joy:


This is nothing nice.
3 @ Was @ 3 at Cubs at the back end.

A disgrace. Stros stuck playing at the American Legion for 3 seasons ?
Nashville or Charlotte would take the A’s and start on a stadium ASAP.

I mentioned in the old Astros thread that Vegas mayor was the last person they should alienate.
A’s want their own retail/ bar, etc tourist trap. A’s keep the $.

The whole business plan of the land, stadium, etc is to benefit that part of LV Strip.

“Sutter Health Park plans to host both the A’s and the Sacramento River Cats”
“Construction has not yet begun on the A’s future Las Vegas home.”
" that would mean layoffs for existing A’s employees."

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Not even sure how that’s okay with MLB?

There has to be standards of what kind of “stadium” can hosts a MLB game.

And on the players side there are going to be some agents calling Tony Clark….these guys worked pretty hard to make the majors.

I have never been to this stadium….but I have been inside many a minor league locker rooms and maybe one or two big leagues clubhouses……night and day.

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So the A’s are the Arizona Coyote’s of the MLB

Don’t think its codified.
Modern MLB w a large % of your $ from tickets, parking, & concessions.
Don’t think they anticipated an owner leaving so much $$$ on the table.

A’s have Blue Jays using Spring Training stadium (its really nice) and AAA Buffalo during Covid as a precedent. Temporary moves but no deadline was in place from MLB.

Much worse.
“The Mullett” is a nice rink.
Better than some NHL old barns but smaller.

Last thing on As. Got fleeced on Sean Murphy trade.
They demote trade centerpiece Esteury Ruiz & explanation is ridiculous.
“hot start this season, going 3 for 7 with a double and a triple. He also led the AL with 63 steals in 2023.:”
How does he go down 2 Sacramento on this bad team ?
Trying to be horrible. Brown should give them a call


Seriously though. The entire time I was shaking my head, waiting for them to give up a big hit. I don’t understand why we couldn’t have just re signed Stanek and Maton.

Bennett Sousa done for season.
Moves up a young buck to get some innings.

I actually think it’s a brilliant move on the A’s part. Think about it. Their average attendance per home game last year was a paltry 10,250 per game. The start of this season for their first seven homes games is at 6,430.

Moving to a smaller venue produces less overhead and operating costs while gaining an uptick in attendance by moving to Sacramento for a couple years. Sacramento will probably be thrilled to get MLB games in their town albeit temporarily and I imagine they’ll draw more than 10K a night.

Honestly, you’re doing the city of Oakland a solid by not hanging around for 3 more years.

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I wonder if the MLB Players Association might have something to say about the accomodations?

I remember the Buffalo thing but this is gonna be for three years….crazy.


I’m sure they will I know the NHLPA has complained about the conditions at The Mullett, and the MLBPA is a lot more powerful than the other leagues unions.

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F the Rangers!!!

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