Houston Astros 2024 Season

Another one would be Arrighetti

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Yeah, there’s a few more pitchers I would list as well….i was just mentioning position players.

But, yes Spencer has a good shot of helping the Astros soon.


2. Houston Astros

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Surprised our rotation is rated that high. It would be great if things turn out that way, but I’m bit more skeptical than the author. Anytime you’re counting on a 40+ year old starter to be your #1, I think skepticism is justified, especially with his recent injury history.

I certainly hope I’m wrong.

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I’m nowhere near that optimistic . That’s a lot of banged up potential to start hanging banners on. This is the year where we find out which direction Brown goes. He’s either destined for greatness or something else. If he has a great year we’re off to the races.

Note: for those of you content with our pitching last April “off to the races” doesn’t mean we’re headed to the buffet at Delta Downs.

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1B Abreu looks very in shape.

Dana’s pick up from KC is looking sharp….probably didn’t need Hader.

The Coleman kid looked really good in '22. In '23 he fell apart. Seems like it was his mechanics but KC wasn’t able to get him straightened out.

You can throw 1,000 mph but if you can’t locate you aren’t going to be successful.

In HS and somewhat college they talk about “throwing strikes”….once you get to professional ball throwing strikes doesn’t cut it.

Melton had a two-run HR and Loperfido and RBI double….

Framber got shelled….

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Framber is apparently going to try his hand at calling his own pitches. His Maldonado love was real.



If Espada allows that then he’s crazy as f—-. As if Yainer can’t call a game. Lol. Is Framber going to move the outfield around, too?


If he doesn’t trust Yainer then Joe can call them from the dugout……last thing we need is Framber thinking.


:100: x :100: x :100:

If Framber is thinking, Framber is losing.


Maybe he can be a base coach, too.

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Need some clarity on JV contract.

There’s a vesting option that kicks in if he pitches 140 innings this yr. It reached he’s guaranteed 35 mil for '25 (and the Mets would pay 17 mil of this).

It was my understanding that the vesting option is a club and not a player. Digging around I’m seeing it described either way. If he doesn’t reach 140 innings then he doesn’t have a contract for next yr making him a FA. If he does reach it (140 innings), and it’s a player vesting option, then he could choose to opt out of it trying to get more guaranteed year(s) and more guaranteed money.

Would be a lot better if it was a club vest. If he gets to 140 innings then they have him under contract for '25 at only 18 mil.

Anyone have confirmation on the specifics of this vest clause?

Here’s how MLB trade rumors describes it (but I’ve seen it described differently).

Verlander is starting the year on the IL.

Dear Jim Crane…please sign Blake Snell.

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