Houston Astros 2024 Season

On the strikeout with two on base it was a good take….ball was 3-4 inches outside….crap call.

But yes, he is thinking too much.

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Spencer A sunday. Seems to be coming around.

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Gotta get the “W” tomorrow to keep the momentum going and then sweep the Halos.

Mariners and Rangers fans know the Astros are starting to wind up.


His exit velo on the grounder to second was 110mph.

It didn’t help the team’s chances to win when Altuve is swinging at pitches well out of the strike zone. One pitch he swung at appeared to be a foot above the upper zone.

I would like Altuve to respect the strike zone more and take the WALK. He has a good batting eye when he chooses to trust it.

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Bregman’s defense is good but he’s not an historic talent at 3rd like Caminiti (he should have won five gold gloves). I’ve really only perceived Bregman as a hitter. He does have a great eye. It’s his swing trajectory that gets squirrelly. It almost looks like he starts his hips and lower body but holds back on the swing, then tries to speed up his bat to compensate.
At the top of his game he’s one of the ten best hitters in baseball factoring obp-power-walks-two-strike effeciency. But his apex is getting flatter by the season.

He’s a solid 3rd baseman especially given that it wasn’t his natural position. He makes charging down the line and throwing off one leg look as effortless as anyone I’ve ever seen. He probably deserved a gold glove in 2022 but I don’t think anyone was going to vote for him post scandal.

Also thinking back on it, we were spoiled with that Yuli/Altuve/Correa/Bregman infield. Genuinely one of the best all around infields to ever play the game.


What has gotten into Jake Meyers?

His BA is now .305.

Whatever it is….

I like it, I like it, yes I do.

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The Astros are engaged in a LOB tournament so far today. After Arrighetti leaves the game that may come back to haunt them because Milwaukee has some hitters and all it would take to wipe out the Astros’ present 4 run lead would be an inning’s worth of Ryan Pressley.

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Tucker is one of the top 5 players in baseball. He is definitely the most underrated.


Assuming the Astros win this one, with the Mariners loss today, the Astros are 4 games out of first.

The Stros have 3 games with the Angels at home and the Mariners have 4 on the road against the Yankees. The rangers have 3 on the road against the Phillies.

Mariners and Rangers lost their games today.


I remember taking my son to the Astros Classic and LSU was playing before the Coogs one day….after a couple of innings I asked him if he noticed anything in particular……He said the SS for LSU was “freaking good” and “would be in MLB one day.”

He also noticed how clean his footwork was and that he was cocky.

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Yep, just 4 back now.

The upcoming schedule should favor the Astros with a three game series with the Angels (home) and a three game series with the Athletics (road).

On the flip side, the Mariners play four games on the road with the Yankees and the Rangers travel to Philadelphia for three games.

With a little luck, the Astros could possibly catch the Mariners/Rangers in the standings considering the Astros play at Seattle in a four game series starting May 27.

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Very realistic chance that the Astros will be in first place going into June.

What a turnaround.


Alright now, you two ding dongs are gonna jinx the team into a slump again! :joy:

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Or, we will luck the team to first place in June. :grinning:

I can’t believe they are talking about Abreu joining the team on Friday. That all but assures that JoeLo will be sent back down.

The team has caught fire without Abreu, why would you mess with success.

I get the big investment, but it will be an even bigger investment if the team starts losing again and you don’t have all those big September and October crowds.


Yea. This is where freakonomics takes over and f—- everything up