Houston Astros 2024 Season

Mark my words. Yordan will lead off and Abreu will bat clean-up in the same game before the end of season.


We should have Abreu lead off to get that ugliness out of the way first. Then the rest of the lineup can proceed knowing that he’s not down there lurking behind them to kill the inning. The guys hitting 8/9 will just have to suck it up.

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Isn’t the purpose of keeping Abreu at the bottom of the lineup is to give him fewer at bats? As leadoff batter he would get more at bats.

If the objective was to give him fewer at-bats, they should sit him on the bench.

If he’s gonna be in the lineup, put him where he hurts the team the least. When he comes to the plate with runners on base, that hurts the team more.

And besides, I was kind of joking. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

The thing is, any kind of logic for putting him in the lineup is stupid. Why was he batting 7th instead of 9th yesterday? Should he get more ABs than Chas? Maybe just let him pick where he wants to hit in the lineup and everyone can adjust.

Every day he’s anywhere in the lineup takes us further from where we want to go.


You haven’t heard of the cutting edge management protocol sweeping the nation?!

It’s called, we turned our company over to the most expensive person, regardless of how good of a job he does.

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That’s why I expect Brown and Espada to do it. It makes no sense.

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This is not a playoff lineup. :laughing:

  1. Jose Altuve (R) 2B
  2. Alex Bregman (R) 3B
  3. Yordan Alvarez (L) DH
  4. Jeremy Peña (R) SS
  5. Jon Singleton (L) 1B
  6. Jake Meyers (R) CF
  7. Trey Cabbage (L) RF
  8. Mauricio Dubón (R) LF
  9. Victor Caratini (S) C

WOW. Just wow.

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It looks like an expansion team lineup.

It’s like we are purposely NOT trying to win.

You can’t tell me Espada or Dana can look at themselves in the mirror and say “Yes, we are trying to win”.


Can we please start taking some pitches ?

Last 10 BA rough cept Tuve, Bregs, Cabbage(?) and Yo…

Stros #29 but lots of Glory behind gutting their system.
What is Angels excuse at #30 ?

Verlander trade.
“Drew Gilbert is slugging just .360 in Triple-A. Ryan Clifford hit .164 with 27 strikeouts in 21 games at Double-A.”

That is a bIg break on that error.
2 runs and a new pitcher.

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So the Cardinals gave Paul Skenes a standing O today for going 6.1 scoreless and striking out 8 hitters. Decent start but nowhere near worthy of a standing O from an opposing fan base. Hope our fans never give that treatment to an opposing player.

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I would give RP a standing O for actually closing the game tonight. :laughing:


Pressly not only needed that S, but he seemed to rise to the occasion as the closer.

Encouraging sign.


Man Blanco goes 6 with 8 Ks, 1 walk, on three hits and one earned and can’t even get an atta boy on coog fans

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Atta Boy, Blanco.


Shaving seemed to work for Presley. Maybe Abreu should give it a shot.

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Nothing wrong with Abreu that adding 10 years of youth won’t cure.


Singleton gets on base a couple of times last night, so he’s hitting clean-up today. And the guy they chose to keep in the lineup over Loperfido is hitting 9th.


  1. Jose Altuve (R) 2B
  2. Alex Bregman (R) 3B
  3. Yordan Alvarez (L) LF
  4. Jon Singleton (L) DH
  5. Jeremy Peña (R) SS
  6. Mauricio Dubón (R) CF
  7. Victor Caratini (S) C
  8. José Abreu (R) 1B
  9. Trey Cabbage (L) RF
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Man no way. Yikes.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2024 World Series Champions.

That has to be the worst lineup the Astros have put out in 10 years.