Houston at Cal State Fullerton - Game 3 (W 10-5)

I’ll be at the basketball game so I won’t be able to do PBP for this one.

By the way, the Big West stream is really good and the announcer for CSF is solid. He knows his stuff and knows a bit about Houston as well. Wish we could have the video quality that these guys have and/or what SHSU has.


Same lineup as yesterday

Or, I’m an idiot and there are changes:

No score through 3


CSF loads the bases in the 8th with no outs.

Bielo comes on and gets the first guy to bunt back to
him and he forces the guy at the plate.

Pulido on and gets the next guy to pop out to shallow right.

And gets the ground out to end the inning with no runs scoring.

T9…UH leads 7-3

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Fuentes then comes home on a short sac fly. 10-3

M9…UH leads 10-3