Houston at Cincy - Game 3 (L 4-2)

Bottom 7th
Oh wow…Fred Villarreal on to pitch. Good to see him back.

Retires the side in order with a K

T8…Cincy leads 4-0

Top 8th
Padgett pinch hits for Bielo, flies out. Redden walks with one out, makes it to 3rd after a wild pitch and a groundout. Hollis doubles him home…Cincy leads 4-1

Davis walks and Cincy goes to the pen

Lockhart doubles to score Hollis, Davis to 3rd…Cincy leads 4-2

M8…Cincy leads 4-2

Bottom 8th
1 out single, but he’s caught stealing.

T9…Cincy leads 4-2

Top 9th
Coogs go down in order

Coogs lose 4-2. Lose the series 2-1

Schedule gets much tougher from here on out.


Bad week for Coogs. 1-3 vs struggling Rice and Cincy. Too few hard outs in this lineup considering it also lacks power… recipe for lots of LOBs.


Couldn’t agree…this squad simply is not a very productive team at the moment…and seriously, I am not sure they will be this year. I am hoping for a break even season in conference. And it is not like we have played grueling OOC schedule this year…time to rebuild and recruit some sticks…


Horrific Hitting Team this year. Have to put it on Whitting. He had no power to come in and replace Wong, Julks, Schnider. Too many under achieving teams last few years.

In 1965 Vince Scully said "the speed gun must be broken it recorded Sandy’s last pitch at
111 mph.

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