Houston Basketball NIL Trading Cards


Just saw these cards from Tramon Mark’s twitter. So sick. Every pack comes with a guaranteed auto. Just bought 5 of them to rip before the NCAA tourney.



I bought a pack and got Tramon Mark as the signed card. I was thinking of getting some more packs but not opening them. Actually, I need to get some sort of protectors for these. Any card collectors have a recommendation?

I bought a couple packs at the last game, but no signatures! Are they selling a different set at the Fertitta Center?

This pack?

Yep. Maybe I need to look harder for the autographs?


They sold them at the games?

They are available online with the bookstore as well, so I assume they have them in store which is why they had them at games.

The ones from Player Trunk has autographs… I bought 2 from them and got Mark and Sharp.

The ones sold at the store and games appear to be the same as the ones bought online from the players trunk. All produced by the players trunk.

Lots of options at amazon. Yes my kid collects Pokemon and Yugi-oh cards.

Have to buy several packs!!! If they win the chip they will become very valuable down the line.

I want the Jarace Walker, tho!

I bought two from the bookstore online. Hoping they have the autographed card inside

@TheOriginalTimmyChan did you find the autograph?

I believe Jarace W did not sign Players Trunk card autographs

Players that signed: Marcus Sasser Tramon Mark J’wan Roberts Terrance Arcenaux Emanuel Sharp Ramon Walker Jr.

@TheOriginalTimmyChan Autographed cards are only sold by the player’s trunk. Which has a 20% off sale today, no coupon needed.


Thanks for the heads up. Covers shipping which i guess is fine.

Very cool. I am getting some.

I got my pack of cards today, pretty cool.