Houston Chronicle: UH looking for WR, RB to fill out Greg Ward Jr.'s toolbox

UH looking for WR, RB to fill out Greg Ward Jr.'s toolbox
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If the season began today, Herman said Linell Bonner - who had 25 catches for 317 yards and five touchdowns last season - would likely start.

“He’s a steady guy,” Herman said. “Not quite as explosive but at least he can block, run good routes, catch the ball over the middle and has great hands.”

Several … Uh huhs !! …

No 7 Stevenson who looked good in that video broke his collarbone … eh … even though it was mentioned somewhere that it wouldn’t happen … it would seem Wilson may have to return at RB …

At this point I am more concerned with backup RB than WR.

2nd Uh huh … I spotted that link on the page about the tuna man STILL thinking about who he will start at QB … the orangebloods and horn kitchen sinks want Buechele but Charlie is still looking at Swoopes … he has had a fixation on #18 since the beginning and so far it has been his downfall plus losing/mediocre seasons.

I’m really hoping that CTH is sandbagging. With what this coaching staff did last year when our OLine was obliterated with injuries and replaced with THREE freshmen, only to have the incredible outcome that the team had, gives me much more hope than Herman is refraining from letting on. There are major dudes in training.

it comes down to one simple reality, Herman’s standards are just much higher than yours, mine or just about any coaches for that matter. I am sure that we have capable receivers and running backs but Herman wants to push them to see which ones will deliver the maximum effort consistently. He is going to make these guys earn it, and he has the perfect opportunity to do so, so why squander it. come game day everything will perform as needed.

Last year at this time he said we didn’t have any D1 receivers on the roster. He definitely has very high standards! I trust that he’s going to get the other guys up to speed in time to contribute.

I’m genuinely concerned when I hear that Bonner and John LeDay are our current slot options. Not that either aren’t good WRs, but they simply don’t fit at that position.

Perhaps D’Eriq King is the answer.

I think Samples will be ready to go on 9/3. Saw something today where MRI came back clean. Unless he has another setback, he’ll be the starting slot. Hoping there is a decent answer at backup since Samples seems to be prone to concussions though.

The MRI was in reference to Catalon. Samples is going through concussion protocol. Of concern is that this is the 3rd Concussion he has had.

I think Bonner has the skill set to play the slot position. From what I saw last year he looks like has some speed and wiggle.

His biggest problem was dropping wide open passes. But he had no problem making the acrobatic catches.

Not according to Duarte:

You are correct on the MRI, my bad, but Samples is still out as he completes the concussion protocol. From what I read, this his third one, so they will be cautious I believe. The Chronicle states that the Coogs will be cautious with Samples since it is his third.

As well they should be. No sense in risking someone’s future well-being. I’m hopeful one of these other guys will step up. Looked like that guy might be Marquez Stevenson, but he’s out too. Wonder why we haven’t seen Courtney Lark get some reps there? Expected to see him play pretty much immediately. And surely we will hear something from the NCAA about Dickson before the season starts???

Lark is getting reps, as is D’ Eriq King. If Samples can’t go then Johnson, Lark, and/or King will have to step up. My gut feeling is Johnson will see the field a lot but I think the two true freshman will see the field some as well. I’m actually intrigued by King who was rated the #14 athlete in the nation coming out of HS. Another kid getting reps is Terry Mark although I haven’t read or heard any news on him. The latest practice video has a short clip of him in action, though

Mark’s the brother of Tomme Mark who just graduated. He was actually a previous year signee, but didn’t enroll last year, waiting until this year to come in. He was a solid 3 star coming out of Lufkin.

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