Houston could drastically change the perception of AAC

"Just try to get a spot around Ward’s table on media day. Most of the questions will be about Houston’s season opener against Oklahoma on Sept. 3. The countdown for that game began months ago, and you could say it is the most important regular-season game in the short history of The American.

"The ramifications are obvious. A Houston win over Oklahoma would propel the Cougars into the national playoff discussion, a major step up the ladder from last season when the Group of Five bowl bid was significant enough…

“…from the first lobster to the AAC title game on Dec. 3, all eyes will be on Houston. That could be a very good thing for the conference.”



I enjoyed the read. Thanks for posting.

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Continued success at UH and competitiveness of our conference could elevate it to where we are more attractive for tv dollars and/or bowl tie ins that would make American a power conference.


A lot of people here don’t like that idea but, barring a P5 invite, it is a viable solution. It may nat start out being as large as the standard P5 payout, but it can grow. Kind of like adding water in the desert. Just watch it bloom.


Very valid comparison look at Israel and Lebanon 40-50 years after they started doing that exact thing, both places are countries with lush and beautiful greenery and cities.

I’m not certain I would have chosen Israel and Lebanon to draw an analogy. :confused:

why not exactly?

10,000 years of strife does not lend itself to an analogy. That is, unless one were looking to compare anger, hate, and discourse. Of course in the present state of polarization in this country, the comparison might be apropos.

So because two countries have had some problems you can’t talk about the beautiful and amazing things they do that are totally unrelated? What are you talking about? Talk about an intellectual leap. Those are two countries who turned their desert lands into plush and beautiful gardens…what the heck does that have to do with 10,000 years of strife…have you ever been to either country? To Haifa? Beirut? They’re gorgeous and full of greenery. So I was giving an example to prove his point about water in the desert and you bring up 10,000 years of strife? btw I’m a part Lebanese and Jewish so i really have no understanding what your point is.

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