Houston DE Willie Smith enters the transfer portal


Let’s go win some games!


He surprisingly didnt play much this year. Had a great offer sheet outta HS and will land on his feet somewhere. Best of luck to the young man.

He isn’t listed on our roster, but Corbin still is. So his not being on the roster isn’t due to him being in transfer portal, which just happened. Hmmm.

Never even heard of him.

But good luck.

Coming out of hs I had coaches tell me he was the best player they went against. Never happened at UH

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Searched UHCougars.com. He’s listed on the player roster for 2018 and 2019.

I respect his decision!

We now have 300 to 400 wanting to transfer from Division 1 to another Division 1 school or from FCS schools to FBS schools


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His name was removed from the online roster several months ago.

If you use Twitter, Coach Early put out a pretty tellingbtweet about his feelings

That’s the culture we’ve bred

Kids legally transfer within 3 districts without ever leaving their homes