Houston Football 2022 Season Preview


Be suspicious of anyone using three names, such as Jonathan Safran Foer.

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I think this guy is spot on.

I agree with everything he said except about the defense. I think they will be just as good, maybe even better than last season. Logan was a special player and Marcus was one in a million. But I believe we have a bit of an arsenal at defense. Many said we couldn’t replace Peyton and many stepped up to prove critics wrong. Lots of depth and lots of talent. Just my opinion. I think both sides will definitely bring it this year.


Twinmom is trying to stay modest but despite the losses of some good players this defense is going to be very good and better than the one last season. We are deeper on the DL and have a lot more at LB.


Donavan and Derek played injured most of the season and still put up good numbers. DAnthony had crazy stats and was a rotating player. Can you imagine what his numbers will be as a full starter this year! I’d hate to try and block him.


This season cannot get here fast enough…


We have much bigger concerns in the return game than we do on defense, in my opinion. Now, if our offense is more consistent than it was last year, that’s not as huge of a deal, but ST will still be the difference in at least a couple of games this year.

Twinmom is a gift. Thank you Twinmom, I hope you always post!


I agree. Our defensive development is insane. D line only got deeper, we got our best pass rusher back in DA, imo our best run stopper was DOT, hall was our best interior pass rusher but Bell was our 2nd best. And Derek who’s a captain and our most consistent Dlineman as of now. You bring back your best LB and captain of your team with Donnie and both of ur all conference safeties are back. I don’t think people realize how much we rotate on defense. Hogan basically started last year with our 4-2-5 scheme. Rogers and Art played A LOT of minutes as well. DOT, Caesar, Manny are all poised to make huge jumps. I think the defense will be just as good. And if the CBs are even close to last year, the defense will be even better.

ALSO HE LEFT OUT CODY JACKSON!! He might be the most talented player on this team :joy::joy:


You’re right Giena, but I was thinking the guy is spot on for having us as a favorite to run the table. I usually don’t put too much faith in all the position breakdown at this point because with the coming and going of players, it’s hard to tell. I really can’t figure how the secondary will be with our losses to graduation and the pros. But I believe our DL will put so much pressure on the QB, it will take a lot of the pressure off our secondary.


Momma knows best !
Go Coogs !

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Thank you :blush:

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Is Derek all healed up 100% or still having any issues?

The preview was more impressive than I expected. He leads us to believe we should all be excited about the upcoming season. If we can win the first two games and avoid serious injuries to key players, a shot at an undefeated season is well within the realm of possibility.

The only fact left out was the leadership impact of Coach Holgersen, Belk and staff standing on the sidelines directing a winning strategy to a highly skilled roster of football talent.

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So far so good, he feels stronger than last year :pray::pray:

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They couldn’t have got a new picture of Dell?

I received my my DCTF today.


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