Houston Getting Setup for a Texas-Sized Letdown in Expansion

Houston Getting Setup for a Texas-Sized Letdown in Expansion

"The past week has delivered wild theories on expansion that include the usual lineup of candidates, but the one getting buzz this week is Houston. Unfortunately for the Cougars, there is very little chance that the Big 12 will add them."_


A writer from (per his Twitter) Cincinnati, OH, who seems to be openly pushing for Cincy, Memphis, Colorado State, and BYU. He is most likely just writing what he wants to see happen, not what he really believes. Maybe it’s both, but he obviously has an agenda. Sorry, but I can’t take someone like that seriously.

I’ll take the dozen or so endorsements at face value, rather than attempt to dig for some underlying meaning that most likely isn’t there – i.e. that we’re getting played by Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, the UT president and chancellor, the Texas Tech president, and TCU’s football and baseball coaches, and that we are going to allow UT to have UT-H all just for their “support” that may or may not even get us in.

Nope, that’s ridiculous.

Pretty sure he’s referring to my podcast (The Weekly Brew) when he says Gary Patterson has come out in support of UH to Big 12. Would it have been so hard to cite me? :cry:


This guy gets hammered everytime someone posts his tweets on an expansion group I’m in. I love how these guys try to bend reality to fit their agenda. He’s been anti-UH the entire time

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Yep, it’s gross.

Complete drivel…i have ZERO interest in reading bloggers who have some vested interest in seeing
it not happen…I could post a blog that says the complete OPPOSITE and it means just as much and is every bit as valid…REPUTABLE sports writers covering the story ALL say we are top candidate…

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Just utter nonsense. Just a drunk guy talking at a bar. Asserts his opinions with no evidence other than other opinions.

We’ve had a few exchanges on Twitter. He started out very friendly, but he’s been increasingly anti-UH for a year or so now. Despite the fact that he “covers” the Big 12, he has no inside sources. I had to point him to an article to convince him that Drayton McLane had talked up the Coogs. He also didn’t know who Tilman Fertitta was until the recent twitstorm and publicity surrounding UH’s bid. So, like John Snow, he knows nothing.


The scary bit is, this idiot rambling is more or less all you hear about UH outside of Houston. Texas et al have done a fantastic job over the years of downplaying us, and now people fly into a fit of salt and vinegar when they see the name.

Thankfully, all the bloggers and Twitter commentators in the world have precisely squat to do with the actual process.

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