Houston hosts #11 ECU - Friday at 6:30pm (W 2-0)


The thing about him is that he’s effectively wild in the zone. He never throws the same pitch in the same spot,” Whitting said about Lockhart. “It’s hard to get too grounded on him and get good swings off. They had a lot of unbalanced swings tonight because he was going in and out, up and down with a bunch of different pitches.”

Lockhart wasn’t particularly pleased with his velocity, but it was still an impressive performance. The talented lefty sat in the mid-80s when I saw him against Connecticut a couple of weeks ago, but he actually got up to 87-88 mph with his fastball in the early innings against the Pirates. He also flashed some fastballs in the 85-86 range as well. The lefty showed a changeup against the Pirates, while also showing feel for two different breaking balls. He’ll throw more of a true curveball in the low-70s, while also being comfortable with an upper-70s slider.