Houston mayor says city is BROKE after inheriting $160 million deficit

Yea but have you ever tried to hop over a ditch while drunk, because you were too lazy to walk over to the bridge? Not pretty.

Ditches aren’t nearly the issue that surface parking lots are. Every surface parking lot inside the loop is a policy failure.

Last night my 19 and 22 year old kids said they had never parked on the street. Always surface lots. Is that a generational thing?

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But the street is where the free parking is! I don’t care if I’ve gotta walk two miles, I’m not paying $50 to park in a lot.

I like his transparency and that deal is something that was owed to them for a decade. Now we’re broke but atleast hes not painting it differently hes saying it how it is with everything.

The montrose thing
The airbnb and short term rental problem
The finances
All of it he’s handling well for now.

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Nice rant ! I learned some things. Thanks

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