Houston-Memphis game thread

There will be talk about CTH’s status, but I think we’ll be lucky in that Andre Ware is doing the game. Hopefully he keeps the focus on the game as much as possible.



We are guaranteed that a few people will watch.

May have the highest rating ever for UH – but for the wrong reasons?:unamused:

Memphis gets the ball first.

Well, let’s see if the players can keep focused.

Memphis has terrible helmets…

well theres our 2nd slap in the face…

Winchester is always getting picked on and with obvious reason.

I too like to tackle recievers, it makes it way easier to defend.

Anybody have the audio stream?

Wow, they’re owning us. Down 14-3. Hopefully we can come back and score again here. SMU hit the edges a lot too and we know Navy did. Is that part of the key to take Oliver and the awesome DL out of the equation?

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Coogs defense look nothing like Louisville.

Winchester has been the weak link on defense all year, unfortunately.

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Why did Andre Ware say we have a common opponent and brought up the SMU game? Maybe because we are losing, but seemed like just a shot. He didn’t mention Tulsa beat them by 29 or that Navy blew them out.

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This was always going to be a good game! It’s a conference game!

Because he sees the SMU version of the UH defense out there so far.

Now if the defense will step up we will start looking good.

Coogs need to settle down and play their defensive game. Memphis is all offense with avg defense.

Cuz we’re behind so he’s looking for an explanation other than the obvious one. Once we start dominating…

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Have to stop the tigers haven’t done it yet defense hasn’t shown up yet