Houston Oklahoma prediction


Houston Oklahoma prediction

Houston wins 37-17 :smile:



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That’s bolder than a 90 second Doritos commercial


My favorite line is the first line of the article:

On opening week the Houston Cougars will carry the weight of all Group of 5 programs on their shoulders.

This caused me to stop and think about the last time a Top 5 ranked team lost to a non-P5 opponent. Of the top of my head, the last one I can remember is Appalachian State beating #5 Michigan in 2007.

Wow! That is bold! I’m predicting a Cougar win, but with a much higher score. 42-38 UH with at least one special teams or defensive TD for the Coogs. I think OU will put up some points on us in the first half but we’ll settle down in the second half and start turning them over. If we can keep pace with them in the first half points-wise, I really like our chances of closing them out in the second half.

Um, UH beat #5 OSU in Stillwater in 2009.


Well, Houston did beat #5 Okie Lite in Stillwater in 2009.



I thought he was joking when I first read it.

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i too think we will win by 3 tds…

I think the win comes down to forcing OU to a field goal at some point and we win by 4
I think OU will be much more motivated than FSu was in the peach bowl. thier CFP hopes ride on this game too.

I wasn’t joking. Wanna hear my excuse? I became a UH t-shirt fan in 2011, the year they were supposed to be BCS busters.

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Yeah but it’s just funny because even in your ignorance, you set up the “joke” so well. Cheers to 2011, it was a fun year.

Easy on our Aggie friend. Hell, half our fan base thinks the program didn’t exist before Briles and Kolb.

Have some concerns about our receiving corps if it’s Allen, Dunbar, and Bonner in the slot. They’re all fine receivers, but none of them has much speed, and OU’s secondary is quick as a flea. They run the ball more than they pass even though they run the air raid, so I’m hoping we can stuff Perrine and get them out of their game plan some, kind of like UH-USM in '11. But they’ll get yards through the air. OTOH, I think that one of Ward or Catalon will make some big runs. It’s a tough call. My sense is whichever team runs the ball more effectively wins, but for UH we’d need to run it much more effectively, while OU may be fine if they’re within some 50 yards of our rushing total. I’d probably say something like

OU 31
UH 27

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