Houston Rise Campaign

I am really wanting to see some renderings!

So we dug deep and went with the bigger option? Hurts in the short end, but smart long-term.

What effect on our seating capacity does this Building create, if any?

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I am by far not the final source, but what I have heard is that it adds a bunch of premium seating. As for the regular poor folks seating (like me), I am not sure. I think some reconfiguring of the second level will also occur to accommodate a much larger and higher videoboard, so that may provide space for some extra second level regular seating opportunities. That said, I don’t see capacity going up a ton. based on Pez interviews, I get the sense there is demand for fancy seats rather than massive capacity upgrades. I’d put any other $$ towards building out what we have, in other words, let’s put some meat on this beautiful skeleton.

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