Houston’s College Basketball Coach Realigns Title Expectations


It’s definitely going to be a transition for us. We’ve been a group that wants to crucify everyone when we lose, maybe not as bad in CBB, but we’ve got to be prepared to lose 10ish times a year.

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We’ve definitely gotten spoiled in the Ws department. Once CKS got the program rolling we were basically better than every team except Memphis by a lot. Now we are in a BBall league that basically doesn’t have any teams that are bad… except maybe newcomer UCF, and the rest are all capable of making the dance each year.


Definitely not expecting to dominate Big 12 like we did the AAC. Excited about the really tough match ups every week. Hopefully the team is ready to fight and scrap. Iron sharpens iron.


I would be tickled to be top four and get a decent seed


Absolutely. Top 3/4 in this league is basically winning most others.

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One of the things I like most about coach is that he is going to get the team to perform it’s best every season. If the best possible coaching would have led to 20ish wins, then we’ll end up at 20ish wins, not 15. So whatever we do this year, I think it will be the best this team could do.

But a title and conference affiliaton are not mutually exclusive.

You just need to play well enough to get in the tournament, hopefully get a favorable seed, and stack wins to get to the Final Four.

A Title has been won from a path that started from the AAC (UCONN) and the Big 12 (Kansas).

Just make it to the dance!

Everything I’ve seen has us #5 thru #9 which equates to a two seed.

Big 12 is going to get 8 or 9 teams in, so we could probably be 25-7 and still be a two seed.

As long as the injury bug don’t bite to hard we’ll be good.

Once again Sampson has put together a team with some experience. Like you said hopefully we don’t get any key injuries down the stretch like last year.
I have said before this could easily be our best 3 point shooting team under coach but like last year our rebounding could be suspect.
I sure like the Tugler kid. He is tough and aggressive and brings it every game.
I think we are a top four team but no doubt everyone in the Big 12 is going to want a piece of us.
After the football debacle Saturday I’m more than ready for hoops!


Yeah, it’ll have to be some getting used to, for me. I just have to keep reminding myself…“but we’re in the B12 now, it’s ok”. lol

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