“Houston should never have a losing season”

Oh, I don’t doubt that he’ll have a great season and everybody (including myself) will be on board. It’s next year I’m worried about.

We let Helton do that as well. How much time?

With Tune as the starter throughout the season… I need to see that to believe it. I think UH will go 8-4 on best case scenario.

What worries me is that they haven’t beaten anyone of significance under Holgy.

I can see UH losing vs Tech then blowing out their next two out of conference opponents. Texas Tech got that Oregon QB transfer. He’s nice.

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Transfers have been around forever. The portal only provides some transparency.

Why wouldn’t transfers count?

I’m not sold on CDH just yet. But I was absolute certain Applewhite was a mistake for the reasons discussed above. (Though it was not pointed out that Applewhite didn’t have an offensive or defensive coordinator after the beating from Army–things were ugly).



As far as Applewhite… It was either Him or Todd Orlando. No thanks. Kiffin was the best candidate but he had too much ugly baggage.

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The last thing I want to talk about on this site is Applewhite. I’m just sick and tired of Holgi getting a free pass here and the site having their whipping boy who has been gone for wo years. The man is on track to becoming the worst UH head coach of all time, but certain people in here want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend everything is groovy. So far, Holgiorson has been Charlie Strong - level terrible. If he repeats the performance of the past two seasons, things are going to get very uncomfortable in the stands if people realize that 2021 is more of the same garbage coaching and garbage offense.


I agree,time to to gett better .i think you will see a difference this year. I like the speed brought in. Oline looks bigger. Product on the field has to be something we want to watch. 4 qrts of good football.

Exactly! Talking about Applewhite is like still talking about your ex after all these years, WEIRD!

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You’d think as much as you think he sucks as a HC, you would at least get his name right. Lets make it fun. Since you think 2021 is going to be garbage, hows this…7 wins or more I win, less than 7 you win. Loser has to stand in front of CBY statue with sign on gameday that says " I am an idiot that knows nothing about football" and post picture on here


That Army squad wasn’t your typical group of cadets… That team was legit and the only game they lost that year was to OU… In Norman… In OT I believe… OU played in the CFP that year…

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Ish just got real… Put your money where your mouth is!

Come on guys, get real ! Should’nt the guy in the photo holding the sign by the
Statue be wearing a tu t-shirt too ?

The new owner and GM of the Astros were on track to be the worst by a mile after they purchased the team from McLane. They even botched TV coverage.

But what happened…they stuck to their plan and built a nucleus that has gotten us to four straight American League Championships, two World Series appearances, and one Championship in the last four years.

For those defending Applewhite…you are only missing the million of things he was horrible at…including building a culture here.

For those defending Holgorsen…we only have the trust in the last two seasons that he is building a culture and nucleus here. Will it work…Maybe…Maybe Not…but a plan and a vision did work for the Houston Astros so we have to give it more than 1)the first year after taking over after CMA and 2) literally the weirdest season of college football ever…one with no continuity.

This season…we NEED to see strong signs…like we saw with the 2015 Astros.


The Astros had Luhnow at the helm… The Cardinals miss him, too.

CDH has 2 more years to win the AAC imo.

For my vote that would be Dana Dimel. 0-11 is hard to beat .


You’ve taken it up a notch, I like it :grinning:

Kim Helton’s 1-9-1, 1-10, and 2-9 back to back to back would give Dimel a run for the money.

But yeah, I agree. Dimel is #1 with Helton a close #2.

CDH hasn’t reached their level of suckitude.

But he’d better win 9 or more this year, or Renu Khator’s “we fire coaches at 8-4” principle should be applied!


Crap, I had wanted to forget about that era!

4-28 over 3 year period for Helton
8-26 Dimel

Definitely #1 and #2 losers. Those were some tough
years and an administration that was athletically blind or

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Dana didn’t have the talent, resources and facilities to work with that Holgerson has now. Was Cougar Pride even around back then ?! He was also given only 3 years at UH to turned it around. Kim Helton left the barren empty the year before. Big difference, bubba… :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:

Go Coogs


Best post of this thread, Bultokid…

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