“Houston should never have a losing season”

Sure much better facilities now and no Cougar Pride back then. There may be some truth to state of program he inherited as you say. But Dimel has been able to bless Utep
With two 1-11 seasons and 5-27 over 3 years currently.

What did Mr. john Jenkins do in 1990 while on probation? He was 10-1. The facilities were so bad that you could smell ben gay outside of the buildings. gyms. don’t even start with the lockers. We reinvented athlete’s foot in those days.

Please friends at least know our own history. This is not that hard.

This is why I am asking the mods to move our “Classic stories and UH stories” section right above the football one. Hopefully this will encourage posters to learn about our history. Can this be done?

Even The fans at his old school, was it Wyoming?, Scratch their heads about why Houston would want him when we hired him

There weren’t loads of fans in the stands when we started the 2018 season off at 7-1, what’s the difference in the fan base now? If it was not full with a winning season, why expect any changes?


That’s the eternal question for us. Past excuses include
Too hot; too cold; weekday; time of day; too many
alternatives in the big city; too diverse student body; traffic; part time
Students that have family and jobs; full time students that have family snd jobs,
not enough beds on campus; Crime in the area; slime in the ice machine; poor food choices, lack of school pride, etc…


We do eventually need shade canopies like Baylor has on their stadium.

A little shade will really help


I’m on the top row of the lower bowl on the home side; permanent shade. I also had
A set of seats on the visitor side lower bowl and on a sunny day it is brutal.

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The AAC happened under his watch and at the time that was amazing.

Yes but dimel when he coached here at least played against a formidable CUSA. The 2000 season we played a top 15 southern miss, a top 15 UT in Austin and LSU on the road. 2001 saw top 25 Louisville, too 5 UT (bleacher gate) and Georgia on the road. 2002 saw us lose to number 3 UT and top 25 TCU.

Each of those years the CUSA minus maybe us and army were heads and shoulders above the teams we play today in the AAC. Tcu would go to the big 12. South Florida, Louisville and Cincinnati left for the big East. Those southern miss and ECU teams were good. UAB was good.

Dimel has the same facility issues and fan base issues he had here now in El Paso. Their best coach over the last 50 years was Price and he only showed up there because he went to a strip club in Alabama and the tide fired home before he started. His teams sucked to play against.

Dimel was better than Helton. He had to follow the worst coach in our history. Terrible timing.

Two sides of a cow patty to me. But it’s fair to consider the state of a program
one inherited. Let’s just hope and support Holgerson so that he doesn’t join this
infamous club.

Applewhite show himself to be not a good head coach. Really wished we had hired Orlando instead.

No. Neither Orlando or Applewhite aren’t good leading man. Why you think Orlando never got offered a HC position after leaving UH.

I dunno man!

That 0-11 team was probably the worst I’ve ever seen at UH. That team even got blown out by Army!!!

The 1-10 teams under Helton and Yeoman are arguably second and third worst.

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I agree about Orlando. He just needs to be a def coach and that’s it.

Dimel inherited an impossible situation, and really struggled on the field, but he was a GREAT recruiter, and significantly improved talent level of our team. Briles benefited from that talent. The reason his second team went 0-11 is because Dimel decided to redshirt a lot of real talented players, to make us better in future.And we were… If QB Barrick Nealy hadnt been injured in mid season, that 3rd team of Dimel’s probably wouldve won 8 games instead of 5 and he would have kept his job. He wasnt as bad as some say…


I’ve never bought into that narrative.

Briles didn’t win a title until like his fourth season and that was with mostly his own recruits, led by Kevin Kolb, whom he personally drew away from Okie State as a Stephenville connection.

A lot of Dimel’s in game decisions were incomprehensible, especially his go on fourth or punt decisions.


Briles was the real deal. If timing and paths had worked out better, if he had taken over right now he would have elevated us to playoff status.

If he hadn’t taken over when he did we wouldn’t have football program.

If he hadn’t left us high dry his life wouldn’t be jacked up.


Creative? RPO and let the QB’s athleticism take over. We saw how it worked with an NFL talent QB running it.

I know for sure you’ve seen all the nicknames that Coogfans call Applewhite, most are not pretty. What’s the difference w calling Holgorsen by Holgi. It’s not bad at all, it’s what I call him on here n I picked it up from his days at WVU. NOW HOLGI let’s Go Win Some Games!!

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Yes, not square pegging a circle hole.

When King was told, I supposed he was told, to become a pocket passer it all fell apart.

Letting him run around and create was so much more entertainjj in g and created wins.

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