Houston Sports Awards

I was just watching a replay of the Houston Sports Awards where they honored Big E, Bruce Matthews and Calvin Murphy. Calvin mentioned in his speech Guy V offered him a scholarship to UH. He declined stating it was too far away. He said it was one of his biggest regrets. Murph teamed up with the Big E would’ve been something else!


Probably have a couple of NC’s to our name, Murph with the Big “E”. Yes I know UCLA had Alcindor but the combination of Murph and Big “E” along with Chaney would have been too much imho. Ah! what could have been…

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If I recall correctly, Murphy averaged 30 or so points at Niagra and would have been the scoring leader had it not been for Pistol Pete Maravich averaging 43 or more each of his 3 seasons. And that is without a 3 point shot.

There was an LSU vs Kentucky game where Uk won by something like 80 to 75 and Maravich had 65 of LSU’s points. I think it was Dan Issel who scored 45 for UK.

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