Houston to host RNC 2028

My political ideology aside…These are always ‘kind of a big deal’.

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Good for the economy… but might also be a good time to get out of town. Hopefully, UH can get some sort of positive feature during this.

I’m amazed that Houston gets so many national events. We have a College football playoff game here this season for example.

The Championship actually. Why are you amazed though? We have nice venues, lots of hotels, and two airports. Houston has done a good job over the years of investing in attracting conventons/sporting events.


It used to not be that way.

The days of the Super Bowl at Rice Stadium being the one and only national event (other than Guy V’s last minute deal with Wooten to playing a BB game in the Dome) in town and for decades are fortunately long gone.

Somebody’s doing something right!

Yea but comparing those days to now is way different as the sports and events landscape (as well as the dollars) has changed immensely since then to now.

Im sure there is a trans fest in Austin that you libs can attend that weekend.

Good to know you keep up with all the trans cultural events. If I’m ever looking to go to one, I will ask to look at your calendar.

Based on your response though, I thought I’d clarify something. I would have said the same thing if it was the Democratic National Convention. Just get away from the crowds, traffic and the crazy protestors that political conversations bring.


Reminds me of that beautiful rare cool front day in Houston back in 1992

Does Robert Gallegos know?

Should not be a surprise. Houston has a lot of hotels, great restaurants, shopping and two major airports to accommodate travelers. Great bar scene too.

Finally, Houston’s diversity and location in Texas is an added bonus.

Honestly, I am surprised Houston does not get more events.

Great news! In 2028, President Trump will be running for his third term as president. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought he was running for his third term now.

Don’t forget that the economic impact of these kinds of events is usually overstated by a whole lot.

The ladies on Main are grateful for sure.

I guess we’re a pretty nice city.

Because that maniac will abolish parts of the constitution, right?

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If his claims of being the rightful winner in 2020 are correct, then yes, which makes him ineligible for a third term according to the 22nd amendment.

What a quandary!

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They ban them, but secretly “associate” with them.

A long tradition. The republican gay, anti-gay faction. Currently led by Schlapp.

Cue the bigots to weigh in in 3…2…1…

This is 2023.