Houston to the PAC For Those Who Follow Re-alignment

This guy doesn’t have a large following but seems to have some original info on Houston to the PAC from some insider friend contact he’s got at PAC 12 HQ has a couple of video’s on this matter. I’m just posting the latest. Want to watch the other find it on his YouTube channe

Houston to the PAC link

We have heard him before … lives in the Dallas area … has a “guy” working in the Pac12 marketing area out west giving him all this poop …

Two negatives … first that the Pac12 head office is laying off a bunch of folks which is not too promising for a conf that wants to expand even though it maybe delayed …

Secondly … they want UH and TCU (not TT) … unless TCU changes their name to Texas Chumpy (or Crappy or Crummy) University the Pac12’s distain for church schools hasn’t disappeared …

Crediability-wise this fella leaves much to be desired since this “guy” out west appears to be his only source … that and A LOT of assumptions … which some folks here are not comfortable with …


More smoke.

ACTUALLY, this “Wager Investments” guy was the first to say the Pac 12 was discussing Houston a while back, several weeks before Jon Wilner released the article stating that Houston would be a top target if the Pac 12 were ever to expand.

So even though he may not have many followers, he was the first to mention Houston as a serious target when UH was never even a part of any expansion conversations. The Big 12 then listed Houston as a target days after Wilner’s article.


Well the Big12 was afraid of losing the Houston market to the SEC and PAC12. Now it’s a SEC and Big12 market to a lesser degree.

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Does anyone know what our exit fees if we bounce for the PAC before we play a single game in the Big 12?


He’s obviously got some insider info. For his credibility he made a disclaimer there nothing to back up what I am about to say. But then you listen to him, you know it’s not him talking what he thinks, it’s somebody who has told him something, who’s got privy inside info. In a court of law it be considered hear say. But on WallStreet it be considered insider trader. This realignment drama got a lot of skullduggery going on . I have to admit I feed off it. Same reason I love CFB the passion exhibited by fans and alumni for there school People on the outside looking in probably think we are all crazy, and don’t get it. But who cares what they think.

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M’eh. Where the heck have they been? Doubt any and all of this.


I don’t believe anything I see and about 50% of what I hear.

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So you trust your ears more than your eyes? Interesting.

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Not sure but I think this is exactly what happens….I don’t think we ever play a game in the Big 12.


Agree. He put a video out before Oklahoma and UT bolted to the SEC saying the pac12 was interested in Houston. Holcutt’s statement regarding the big12 continuing to pursue other candidate does hints that the pac12 may indeed expand. Boise state’s is also vehemently convinced that they will soon join the big12.

All the stuff on this thread is old news…

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Party pooper!

Who ever said it was news?

News is something I get from someone I trust: Berman, my son, Pearland.

This is garden-variety rumor.


That is what had me scratching my head. If the PAC-12 wanted a church school, BYU would have been a choice. Closer to their other schools and has a national following among LDS Church members.

Its really not a church school in the classic sense.

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It really isn’t, and I do believe the Pac-12 knows the difference. I think the main thing the Pac-12 wants to avoid is embarrassing politics with regard to gender and sexuality. BYU and Baylor give them pause, but I seriously doubt that TCU does. When people complained about “The xxxx year of our Lord” being on their diplomas, TCU took it off.


BYU has a whole set of other issues the PAC doesn’t want to deal with.

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BYU is one of the most strict church schools and it is a religion that is a new world spin off of Christianity. With very radical aggressive views and beliefs …they will NEVER invite BYU…and BYU knows this. That’s just the truth.

TCU, on the other hand, is a paper religious school in name only…they would make an exception for TCU if the other measurables are there.

BYU and Baylor …absolutely NOT!