Houston vs Holy Cross: Game 3 (W 3-2 10 innings)


My thoughts on Randel from the fall:

RHP Ryan Randel (Jr) from Orange Coast College. Randel was a tweener as he made a few starts and worked out of the bullpen for OCC last year. He did go 7-4 with 4 saves in 18 appearances last year while only allowing 10 walks in 54.2 IP and posting a 3.46 ERA. Randel did come up big in a clutch start to even up their Super Regional series as he gave up one run and four hits in a complete game. Pitched really well down the stretch as a starter so it’ll be interesting to see if the coaches give him a chance there.

Davis needs to figure out how to hit breaking balls. With our lack of power around him, no one is going to let him beat them with the long ball throwing fastballs.

Coogs lead 1-0 after 3

Leaving a lot of runners on again. Randel looks really good so far.

Gotta change something up after this weekend. It’s blatantly obvious that some currently in the lineup aren’t up to the standard.

I agree. Through 3 innings, we have generated on run from the following:

2 hits
4 walks
3 errors

Holy Cross hits a 2 run homer in the 4th to lead 2-1

We keep getting in situations where a single should score a run, but are forced to hold Davis at 3rd. I think I like him better at 5th (or at least 4th), but certainly not 3rd.


No clue re: 7, 8, and 9.


Coogs get nothing from a bases loaded 1 out situation in the 5th. Have left 9 on base now.

Randel has 8 Ks today through 5.

I’ve been thinking the same about the lineup

Folks are going to learn not to run on Lovelace. Dude has a gun.

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Starting to get real concerning with the lack of production from the bats. Leaving so many on base and so many strike outs. If we are going to struggle with Holy Cross, I am fearful of what will happen when we play tougher competition. So far looks like softball might be the better team to watch over baseball.


Softball is a 2-horse race for the title. Houston and Tulsa.

Edit: Actually, I see Tulsa has struggled so far this year. We may actually be the favorite.

I haven’t watched any other AAC baseball this weekend, but from what I remember they have returning, it’s hard to imagine this team being better than UCF, USF, and UConn. Even ECU and Tulane.

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I agree with where to put Davis in the lineup. Best to put in the 4-hole.

Outside of Davis, there really are no long ball threats in the lineup. They are single hitters with some gap power. We have not had a long ball the whole game and I doubt we see many this year. Pay attention to the depth of Holy Cross outfielders. They know it as well.

Hopefully I am being overly critical and things will get better, but I just don’t see hitting being a strong suit for this team. We will not play small ball well either as there is good speed but not great speed on the bases.

I do not pay close attention to recruiting and have been pretty busy and so was not really keeping up with the team. I was hoping to see some JC players with pop in the lineup on Friday to fill the gap or read about some long ball hitting freshman that we got. When I saw the lineup Friday, I was disappointed.

So with that, UH baseball players, shut me up and start jacking the ball out of the place.

Coogs waste another Bases loaded opportunity in the 7th.

Have left 13 on base today.

2-1 Holy Cross in the 8th

Coldiron with the bomb to tie it in the 8th

Yeah. I first home run of the season!!

And then the Coogs get silly after a Hollis double as he tries to steal 3rd with Davis up and is thrown out by a mile.


Pitching has been excellent again today. Randel, Villarreal, and Henry have given up 2 runs, 5 hits, 0 BB and 12 Ks through 9.

Coogs have K’d 43 Holy Cross batters in 27 innings this weekend


On to the 10th.