Houston vs Kansas confidence meter

Who wins the Houston vs Kansas game?

  • Houston Cougars
  • Kansas Jayhawks

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UH. They’re a good team at home vs Kansas!


Go Coogs! W all the way! :slight_smile:

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Confidence that Tune, Tank & Co. can comeback from down 2tds 100%

Confidence that Doug Belk can hold a 3pt lead with one minute or less in the game 0 %

Go Coogs


I’m hoping Kansa is no better than decent. Cause if they’re pretty good then we are in trouble


I honestly thought that Coogfans would be above the 90% win mark. This tells me that the negative feels are real.

Can CSD figure out the forward pass and can CDB420 figure out how to stop 3rd and long becoming automatic first downs are the key questions for this Saturday. Go Coogs.


FOYAUTMIMG (first off you are using too many initials my guy) :joy::joy::joy:


Good vegas bet, id bet cougars dont cover spread on this one

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I agree Danny. I think we win but in a squeaker.

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I think the stadium will be rocking over 30k

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Coogs eat jayhawks, but I hate that I even have to think about the possibility.


Sorry to say, but after these first two games, I have zero confidence in a Holgerson coached team - anemic offence, questionable defense, penalties, dropped passes, generally undisciplined. Just plain painful to watch.


If you guys saw the highlights of them vs WVU… WVU is bad bad on defense
Kansas is a talented team, but I think we make the huge jump in improvement and beat them

Coogs cruise. Prairie pelicans on bunker alert

I think it shows the percentage of people that are negative no matter what the subject. If the survey was about uniform color, is Tune the right QB, or some other “controversial” subject you would get similar results, a group of people that see dark instead of light.
Human nature, go figure.


I think the Coogs will go ahead with about 30 seconds left. Then the defense will allow Kansas to score.

Thunder storm chance down from 70% yesterday to 40% for Saturday’s game!


I am a lot more excited for this game with Kansas coming in with some mojo.


ESPN shows UH winning with 78.6% confidence.