Houston vs. Northwestern State - H&PE Arena 7pm (W 82-55)

I’m down, be there with my boys. They actually like watching b-ball more than football.


I think basketball is easier for kids to watch. Less down time, less time outs and a much shorter game. Easier to keep their attention.

I will be there.

The buzz could already be building for Dec. 1st. Coog fans everywhere will want to be there.
Oregon has some good players, but we cannot let the streak end.

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Anybody heard if Deeeky’s team issue is a serious one? I’m guessing not if he is still on the team. But missing two games so far, not good.

He’s practicing, but not playing.

See my earlier thread here:

Davis not starting. Hope it’s just a rewarding young guys some starts for hard practice and not an injury or other issue.

sampson just 2 days ago was talking about the impact he expects from dejon when he figures out his role in the defense (after the suspension)

plus you can see him laughing and joking with the team and coaches on social media…
i doubt its serious …

he’ll be back by the core of the schedule…im just worried about having him for byu

Different starting lineup:

Hinton and Gresham starting for Davis And Brady

Armoni is a sniper!!

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13-8 Coogs with 15:28 in the half

Still no Davis. Brady and Goesling have subbed in.

landon goesling checks in before corey (he has to be in trouble)

That’s my thought as well

goesling is too hesitant to shoot

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19-16 Coogs, 11:55 left in the half.

Harris with some nice buckets after an iffy beginning.

Agreed. I’m sure he has the green light.

Still no Corey Davis

Brook is going to have to step up in this game. Corey has been a big part of our offense. We are really thin at guard in this game.

Big E on the audio was just like, alright coach made your point. Put in corey.

hinton or goeslin has to be more aggressive taking shots