Houston vs SMU Preview - The Cougars will (hopefully) return to their dominant ways

Houston vs SMU Preview
The Cougars will (hopefully) return to their dominant ways

This needs to be a game where the Coogs assert themselves physically. They need to play fast, they need to play tough and they need to thoroughly dominate this game.

And it starts on the ground — again.

An understatement …

Since the Navy game the wind has gone out of the sails for our defense …

Injuries and YES it has been discussed ad infinitum on this board but there appears to be some distractions with the BXII non-expansion and the continued outside interference by sportswriters of CTH leaving at the end of the season that may or may not have an impact on the players.

Until the latter is resolved then each game until the end will be iffy at best because we are now facing mostly the strength of our conference … then there is the Louisville game.

The way we played against Tulsa defensively I personally do not give us much hope to return to a NY6 bowl game this season.

I hope the Tulsa game is just what CTH said; the after-effects of playing Navy the week before. Problem with that line of thinking is that we didn’t seem to have the same problems when we faced Temple last year.

I think that is just an excuse.

IMO the players and coaches got too comfortable when we went up 17-3.

Also, Terrell Williams getting ejected was huge. The replacement was not nearly as effective. We were not getting to the QB so Evans was carving us up.