Houston vs Tulane (Line Tulane -5)

That is 5p PT, 7p CT. I live on the West Coast.

OMG! And to think some of you wanted to kick Tulane out of the AAC.


Man this is humiliating.


I am considering going to the game because I think we are going to win. Tulane’s two wins are against FBS schools and their loss to Auburn was closer than expected because the Auburn offense is not what it was for the last two years. In other words fellows, we have played tougher competition and are getting better. I am not sure if Tulane is.


Fritz is a GREAT coach. I’m not embarrassed. Tulane might be the 2nd best team on our side of the conference.


They may be the best team on our side of the conference and Fritz may be the best coach in the conference. He was my choice when we fired Levine.

And yes, I am very happy with Holgorsen.


27-21, Tulane.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. Tulane!!!

If you look at the FPI for the matchup predictor for each of our games, ESPN has us going 4-8. Wins against UNT, UCONN, and Navy. Losses to Tulane, Cincy, SMU, UCF, Memphis, and Tulsa.

I think 5-7 but can’t point to any sure wins.


This can’t be happening. Somebody wake me up from this nightmare. Losses to Tulsa and Tulane and in the same year? :weary:


Does ESPN keep track of the success/fail rate of the predictor? When I used to make quite a few friendly wagers online I noticed a lot of the predictions were head scratchers.

We are not losing to Tulane. Their offense is stale and they still dont have the depth to run with us. Trust and believe. The biggest challenge will be our rushing offense vs their run defense. This is the best run defense we’ve seen so far but CDH will have some plays drawn up that will work. King will get out a few times too. I think our defense makes another huge leap and we hold them to under 4 scores. That should be enough to win.


seems like several here take a lot of stock in what espn thinks and predicts. Drawing conclusions from their predictions is ok I suppose for the defeatist mentality but I believe our team is better than they think or the algorithms they use. Statistics are fine but each game and team presents an entirely new set of possibilities.

While realism is important, I just have a hard time thinking negatively. Lets hope our players dont have the same confidence level as some fans.

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Come on now folks.

Tulane ain’t OU or WSU.

I like our chances.


They weren’t OU or WSU last time we went, I was there and we got beat lol


With applesauce lol

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and we are no longer the briles-appleseed dog and pony show. Tulane has improved over the last several years no doubt but I believe in CDH and what he is going to do for us.
Short of that, why would anyone who thinks we are going to maybe win 5 games watch anymore games? Just wait until we get our real coach whenever that might be so you can be winners again.



I believe in UH but this game will be more difficult than what you think lol. UH is in a rebuilding year and this year is a wash. I’m hoping for some wins no doubt but I rather just stay quiet until proven otherwise. Go Coogs.