Houston vs Tulane (Line Tulane -5)

But you’re doing the contrary by showing up with a defeated take, everywhere. :thinking:

Until the defense proves otherwise, I don’t think they win this one. Tulane likes to run the ball and will control the clock. The game after this is no sure thing either. UNT looks decent.

Same here.

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I’m just being a realist and not sugar coating anything. UH is an underdog on the road hoping they win. How is that a defeated take lol. Boi… bye.

Tulane starters only played the 1st half.

We lose this one and adult diapers will be filled on here 24/7.
We win & things are looking up w a banged up/not as good as we thought (so far) N Texas next.

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What you call realistic, others may call uninformed,overreactive, and dang near information bias.

Edit: these same people that are in panic about Tulane are the same saying we’d get 50 put on us by Wazzu and won’t complete. Turned out we didnt and we did compete! Now the theme of not doing homework and panic is reoccurring. If we win, it will somehow be diminished by some trivial or arbitrary reason( well Tulane was overrated).


If that result holds true, this season will be lost. This game is a must-win IMHO.


I don’t know much about Tulane’s team this year but based on what I saw of us on Friday I’m cautiously optimistic.

Unfortunately this will be my first missed Tulane roadie. Unavoidable conflict. Tickets have been passed along and will be used though. #GOCOOGS


I am not thinking it will be easy but I haven’t thrown in the towel either like several on here.


3 of those games are pretty close to coin flips (Cincy, SMU, and Tulsa). We have 4 ~50/50 games the rest of the year. We need to win at least 2 of those games to end up bowl eligible.

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This is correct. And I think we will.

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Tulane will go hurry up no huddle.

Very good run defense. What I’ve seen of the QB is he can’t hit the ocean from a boat and, when he does, the receivers drop the ball.

Being at home may be different

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Agreed if we go 1-3 that will put us in some seriously unfamiliar territory. I’d expect the seniors and most fans to check out at that point. We’d be fortunate to win 6.

Yeah and we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with extremely poor play calling. I was there too. It was there to take and our play calling was incompetent.

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^^^^ this

Line is Tulane -2.5.

Tulane’s D-line is good. Not sure we can run on them like we did WSU. Plus, King’s been sacked 9 times. If our defense makes the same amount of improvement for Tulane as we did for WSU, I think it’s a close game. If our Offense doesn’t make much improvement in protection and catching the ball, I think we lose unless King can improvise a victory.

Bingo, Houston will beat Tulane. Next we will hear that UTEP and Rice is better than UH and we would be bottom 10.

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King has been sacked 9 times mostly against two top 20 teams. Tulane is not top 20.