Houston vs. UConn: Prediction, preview, pick to win - AAC football

Houston vs. UConn: Prediction, preview, pick to win - AAC football

Prediction and a Pick to Win
Houston 45, Connecticut 13 :slight_smile:

45? I want more, MORE!

If Syracuse put up 31, we should put up more than 45. Especially with all the 3-and-outs we’re going to get.

Houston vs. UCONN Preview, TV, Streaming, Betting Line
The dish will be served cold…

The Cougars will feast on the Huskies in prime time. A year’s worth of pent-up anger, frustration and aggression will be unleashed on a team that must know it’s coming but can, in all likelihood, do very little to stop it.

Houston wins 48-10 (this score reflects the prediction of a garbage-time score by UCONN)

The defense will play to lower their ridiculous yards per game stat. They will succeed.

UCONN’s football team was supposed to have the stadium tonight to practice on, we (the band) were forced to give it up to them and practice elsewhere. The football team walked in the stadium, set their stuff down, and then picked it all back up and left. they didn’t even bother practicing tonight. I don’t know if they went somewhere else or not, but the attitude tells me they’ve already punched their ticket to a loss.

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:rage: they kicked the Spirit of Houston off their own field! As Doc said, it’s not revenge we’re after. It’s a reckoning! Come loud Coogs! Come Loud.

Only for about ten minutes until they high tailed it back to their busses. It’s all good, we’ve got a great show this week, stick around for halftime and enjoy!

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