Houston's loss could mean a lot more than just the end of its playoff hopes

Houston’s loss could mean a lot more than just the end of its playoff hopes
The Cougars once again proved going undefeated in college football is exceedingly difficult

“Part of pushing our football program forward is for Tom Herman to be our football coach,” Yurachek said. “I’ve got to make sure Tom Herman is still the head coach at the University of Houston. I don’t think for him it’s all about salary. Obviously, it’s important. I think he wants to be able to compete for championships year in and year out, and I think that’s by facilities, continuing to be able to raise our operational budget for our football program, and the ability to retain our great staff.”

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Ho hum…what? That Herman might leave? They’d be writing the same thing had the Coogs won and ran the table. Loosing or wining it’s been the same…

Going undefeated may not be unimportant IF you are a P5 … one loss teams have made the CFP … however …

if you are a G5 then it is FATAL … the end of the road CFP-wise …

Coaching-wise having a winning top HC and being a G5 and you will FOREVER be the target of the vultures and sporting snipers who will ALWAYS consider you a target.

When we become a P5 then it almost stands to reason that few in the sports world will ever write about our HC as a candidate to move on to better hunting grounds (since we are already standing on better hunting grounds) … unless of course if your HC is mediocre or less … i.e. Helton Dimel Levine … then they will ignore us

Soooo … it is imperative that we join a P5 the sooner the better … THAT IS THE KEY!!! … because until then we will always be plagued with the sporting vultures/writers flying overhead if our HC has any winning mettle about him.

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