Houston's Tom Herman calls into the Tiki and Tiereny Show

Houston’s Tom Herman calls into the Tiki and Tiereny Show

About 11 minutes long.

Just a follow-up: thought these two were classless as they mainly wanted to talk about how Herman was the hottest candidate out there and how did that feel. Thought Coach gave a very political answer, but you could tell he was uncomfortable.

What is it with the CBS Radio affiliated folks.

CBS has all their eggs in the SEC basket, so I guess their answer to Herman is to shill for his leaving UH for a SEC job.

They did put in the context of Herman ‘building his legacy at UH’ at first at least. Thought it was funny when Tom said “is there a question in there” after one was beating around the bush about other jobs.

I think it is more of lazy hosts who do no research so have nothing else to ask. So they go to the quick and easy, “So when are you leaving UH?” question. You wouldn’t do that with any other coach in the top ten, don’t do it to Coach Herman.


Seriously, why do people assume a coach would want to leave a university that could finish in the top ten in both their first two years there? How many jobs can you do that at? Finishing in the top ten is difficult, let alone without your own recruits on the field. If you want to win, you coach at UH.

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Absolutely correct. Just ask taco tech!

I didn’t think they were so bad. They had quite a bit of good chatter before they got to that and WE ALL KNOW that anyone who interviews him will get to that at some point. Don’t like it, but it’s the truth.

As I and others have said, Herman is in a very nice spot at UH. Huge city to recruit in very close to his home (not much travel to recruit), upgraded new facilities, support of admin (Pres Khator and BOR), P5 level money for coaching staff (his words), an extremely grateful and energized fan base, many entertainment options in Houston on his time off, program tradition, easier path to New Year’s Bowl game and easier path to winning lots of games, and having players that are coachable and not prima-donnas. I really think that there are only a handful of schools he’d leave for - USC, Ohio State, Texas, and maybe 1 or 2 others.


I agree with dezagcoog. I went into listening that expecting it to be awful and biased. I actually thought it was a decent interview. That being said, I did get one take away. CTH said if it was up to the other coaches in the Big 12 that no way in Hell (okay he said heck) we’d get in. That’s what folks seem to forget. It’s not up to the coaches or ADs, and as for the hack media and their guesses, that’s pretty much all they are is guesses and some of it is based purely on ties to the athletic department… not the administration. None of the administrations are talking and rightly so. Now do some of the coaches have the ear of their administration? Sure… maybe the big guys like Stoops who has earned it. That being said though, it really is in OU’s best interest to have us in the Big 12. Regardless of how we manhandled them in the opening game this year, Stoops isn’t scared or worried about us and he neither should he be. If he was, he’d need to get into a different like of work. OU is one of the blue blood programs in the nation and we are more of a benefit than a threat to them. They need the additional high profile team in their conference in order to help their SOS and to add a legitimate conference championship game to help them make the playoffs. Some of the other programs… yeah I’m talking about yours, Mike Gundy, just can’t say the same thing as OU can.

All that said, this helped provide additional insight into the fact that the media really doesn’t know a lot when it comes to realignment and it’s all up to the universities’ administrations. We will know something much more solid this time next month.

Just keep winning and we will see what happens. Until then, enjoy the ride.

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