How ‘bout them Cowboys

Ha ha!

With luv, the Giants


I don’t even watch tv.

Coogfan poster.

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I’m a cowboys fans, man I’m sick. Was a hell of a game tho, proud of the team they looked really good. Going from watching Tune to Dak is night and day lol. Dak is just so good. Going to be a fun year.

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I am not sick. It was a good game and Dallas was competitive. They looked better than I expected.

They haven’t doused my super bowl dreams … Yet.

I’m not a fan, but did pick them as part of a bet with two friends. We each chose a team from the bottom half of the league to finish with the best record, and the top half of the league to finish with the worst record (according to last season’s results). I feel pretty good about the pick if Dak can stay healthy.

Great game! Mainly because I took Dallas at +9 and they lost too.

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LOL, hopefully another year of suckage for the "Dem Boys…for Poke fans at least you’re not the Texans :grinning: Go Oilers ! :sleepy:

I knew with how close the game was at the start of the 4th quarter that Brady was going to march his team down the field at the end of the game and win. I see how it’s easy for fans of other teams the dislike Brady but man it’s great being a fan of his.

Especially when it always comes down to a bad/miss call and it goes Brady’s way everytime, just like last night

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If we wanna talk about things not going a team way then all Brady has to point out is Godwin fumbling on the 1 year line and Fournette tip the ball to the defender with a short field for the other team.

Cowboys aren’t clutch, Brady is
Brady vs Cowboys
6 - 0

As long as the NFL refuses to honor our country I will not be watching their games.

They sang the National anthem before the game and had a huge flag on the field I think, but you do you.


I’m not talking about just for the cowboys. I get you hate them lol get in line. But Brady it seems to always come down to a miss or bad call, even tho he is clutch. He is insanely lucky.

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Mike McCarthy said in his post game press conference that it wasn’t pass interference

Meh, Dak outplayed Brady IMO.

All in all, I’d rather take 100 Jerry Jones’ than 1 Jack Easterby.

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The rules expert official came on and said it was an easy call. Godwin pushed off and extended his arms. McCarthy is a coach so he’s not going to complain about flags after the end of the game that’s just not his nature. But when the rules expect comes on and says it OPI than it’s OPI

It was a back shoulder throw which had the DB on his heels so not a lot of contact is needed in order for the DB to fall, if it was obvious the ref who was like 5 yards away would of called it. With 1 min left in the game you don’t make that call unless it’s obvious, like playoff basketball in the paint with 3 mins in the 4th

I think I’m going to trust the judgement of the official rules expert of the NFL

Been a Cowboys fan for 60 years.

That was a GREAT game last night! Exciting, suspenseful, and dramatic

Dak now is a Top 5 NFL QB. Hasn’t played in 11 months, then does last night.

They are a very good team!

P.S. Dana should have Kellen Moore on speed dial.

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