How Dana Holgorsen Plans to Use His $4.5 Million on Staff

“UH’s commitment, even for assistants pay, is a meteoric jump from previous years. UH paid $1.82 million in Tony Levine’s final season in 2014 and $2.1 million and $2.42 million in Tom Herman’s two seasons from 2015-2016, according to data from USA Today. Those figures, however, do not include salaries for a strength coach and support staff.”

“‘I’ve had a lot of interest,’ he said. ‘We’re bringing in big-time football coaches that have been at big-time places and understand what it takes to treat the student-athletes the right way,’ he said.”

“One responsibility Holgorsen does not plan to give up: he will call UH’s plays on offense.”

“One of Holgorsen’s most important hires will be defensive coordinator after the Cougars ranked among the nation’s worst units this season.”

“‘(While offense is important) there’s another side of the ball that is potentially more important on that defensive side,’ he said.”

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Well i guess that means Gibbs isn’t our DC.

Berman reported earlier this week that Gibbs is likely to be our DC.

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If you think Gibbs isn’t capable of doing well here as DC then you’re not thinking it through. Of all the years I watched Cougar football that type of excitement and energy is rare. Gibbs will field the best defense we can get with our personnel and do even better if he has two or three years to field his guys here.


Gibbs is solid, this isn’t Lubbock he’ll put together a good D


We all have our opinions, but I would not say that Gibb’s is one of the premier DC in college.


I understand the concerns based on Tech but that guy has had to coach opposite some ferocious offenses. If you’re getting +3 turnovers a game you’re completely transforming the game in your favor.

I’m not, in any way, saying you’re irrational. Just that his time here was very productive under the circumstances. And with reason to believe he will be even better…as Holgorsen studies defensive technique as well as any offensive guy out there.


We were atrociously, like worst in the nation bad this year. We averaged 510 yards and 44 points on offense while giving up 37 points and 495 yards on defense. If he can improve us from atrocious to just plain bad; meaning getting 1 extra turnover and forcing one extra punt per game, that has to be worth about a 50 yard per game and what, 3 or 4 points per game improvement? Would that be worth an extra win or two? That would be a home run hire in my opinion. Coach Gibbs has a track record of being aggressive and forcing that turnover. He might get burned from time to time, but he’ll get the offense an extra possession or two. That’s what I never understood about d’onfrio’s philosophy; were already getting burned repeatedly, why not try being more aggressive and still get burned, but possibly get us the ball back?


Coach Gibbs was a terrific DC here, and also a dominant DC at Auburn…All he needs is a staff that will recruit some decent players for him and emphasize the D side of the ball as well…He NEVER got that at Tech…


Coach Gibbs is great!!! I expect we hire best DC we can given expanded funding. Orlando made 500k
With 4.5 million we could pay the next DC 1.5 per year

Gibbs was only making 600k at Tech so the money available may have priced Gibbs out of DC job. But does not mean we cannot still hire Gibbs to coach aspects of our defense. I miss the Jack Boyz Third Ward Defense!

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Doug Belk from WVU please and thank you.

He doesn’t have the Texas experience yet (he’s insanely young for a D1 position coach, especially one who didn’t play D1 ball) but I think he’d kill recruiting down here.