How Houston Wins Without Making Shots

so a XandOs Youtube channel that i normally watch that normally gives mini breakdowns of other teams, did one for us…
it was a fun watch so decided to post it here (10 mins)

the 1st half most here are already familar with, we rebound like crazy and we trap/double the post.
the second half might be new info to some,

  • goes over how we often trap the guards at the perimeter
  • we are prioritize post defense over defending the 3, but defend the 3 well from having length
  • what memphis did that gave us issues and how we fixed it (4guard line up)
  • examples of why dejon is DPOY

That guy’s video is awesome. I learned a lot by watching it. I would like to see more of his videos.

This is why I don’t see a starting backcourt next year of Marcus, Tramon and Jamal. We’ve made it a point to recruit long, athletic perimeter players, and have thought 2019 was the last season we’d see two starters under 6’4

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Awesome video. Love the ending, “who got the block, trick question, all of them” !

That was awesome!

I hope the Cincy coaches don’t watch this video.

Great video!

That was fun to watch.

For anyone curious he also made one about why loyola chicago is so good on defense as well. for those who cant help but look ahead a bit


  • They have 2 elite perimeter defenders
  • krutwig runs and coordinates both the offense and defense, but he is actually a bad iso defender… no reach, cant jump, slow feet…but good at getting steals (recommends teams run pick and role against him)
  • they rarely go for the blocks, to avoid fouls, just hands straight up
  • rarely overhelp - will give you isos if you want, they actually prefer it
  • the rare time they help are on krutwig mismatches, with digs at the ball

in respect to houston (if we are lucky to meat them)

  • we needs a 3rd scorer, they have the capability to take out 2 perimeter guys … but after that they defense tends to fall off. and they will leave that 3rd player in ISO
  • have greshman/chaney run picks for grimes and sasser …if the pick lands likely getting an open 3

the game will be finding out how to out maneuver 2 elite defensive guards