How Long?

How long before we see the wide receiver reverse pass option with King???

With all the possession recieving we’re doing and bubble screens on the outside I can definitely see the defense creeping up. We just need a burner over the top, but I’m not sure who that is right now. Any King reverse will be suspect to the D I’m sure

We would have to hand off or screen behind the QB. I’ve noticed all of Kings “runs” are under receiving yards since Wars tosses it to him forward. Do they do that in case there is a bad exchange it will just be an incomplete pass?

Of course, any Ayers reverse had to be suspect last year, too.

Definitely not Saturday. Offense will be straight Blue Bell vanilla.

Next Thursday night could be prime. Cincinnati is a very tough opponent, and we will need everything we’ve got. Especially if we get Samples back by then, I could see him being a prime target.

Marcus, yes that’s why they flip the ball forward like that, so if the receiver drops it it’s just an incompletion. I could be wrong but I think we did that under Holgorson back in the day w/ Keenum flip forwarding passes to Carrier and the like.

Yes that play came from Dana, who got it from Bob Stitt.

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Briles ran that play against ULaLa in the monsoon game. Receiver dropped it. Refs ruled it a fumble at first and Briles went ballistic. They reversed the call.

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