How many Baylor recruits will we get?

Maybe a better question is how many do we want…after seeing yesterday that we got the long snapper, and a visit from a wr, I am wondering how many may filter our way

my question is how many scholarships to we have to give? the Long Snapper is a preferred walk on i believe. So I guess he’s not on one?

well, that is an interesting question for any Baylor recruit with a signed NLI for 2016. who has schollys open. many of them may need to be preferred Walk ons at this point, or looking for schools with possible non qualifiers who ,at have a spot open up. I don’t know the academic situation for all our 16’ prospects, but I have not heard of any issues with grades.

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My understanding was we used all our scholarships with the last recruiting class, so no new '16 recruits.

I would have to suspect that we will get a few. Correct me if I am wrong but I think we already got some.

2017 recruits, we should be able to nab a few.

We did use all 25 scholarships in 2016.

However, there is a loophole that allows us to enroll a kid this fall, put him on scholarship, play him, and have him count against the 2017 limit of 25.

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There are so many rules with this stuff. That is good to know.

Given what just happened at Baylor, we need to evaluate the character of any of their transfers VERY carefully.

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Max Olson ‏@max_olson 23m23 minutes ago
I’m told Houston is the early frontrunner for Baylor freshman transfer WR Tren Dickson

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