How Many of You Would Pay?

The company’s parks business is slowing. Its linear TV business is declining, and so are subscribers to its flagship streaming service Disney+.

That makes the move to take sports network ESPN fully over-the-top as high-stakes as it can get.

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The only reason ESPN was in so many households is because Disney made it mandatory to bundle it if broadcasters wanted access to Disney’s other channels.

And with ESPN not making as much profit as it used to, it might be time for Disney to sell it off.

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Disney has lost 10 billion on Disney+.



Pay what?

Not surprising since they are pushing the free subscriptions like crazy. I get it free and I love it but once they change the model to not getting a credit back every month I’ll drop it.

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I might do it for the season and drop’em like a hot potato that’s $30 I can save

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This is the real problem they face and its been a long time coming…

“The question is will [sports be valued] the same way as it had been valued historically, because everybody who had a TV subscription was indirectly paying for sports, even if they didn’t watch any sports. That’s going to certainly change because people are no longer going to be paying for things that they don’t want to consume,”

EPSN is/was included in about every cable tv package so even non-sports fans were paying for it and non-sports fans make up the vast majority of cable subscribers.

As more and more, and eventually about everybody, ditches cable they lose out on all that money they were getting from non-sports fans who sure as heck won’t subscribe to ESPN+ or any sports only streaming service.

Hell, I ditched cable a few years ago and won’t subscribe to ESPN+ because there is no way to just add ESPN. They’ve still got it locked in with cable. Screw them until they fix that.

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Since big 10 and Sec fans are so loyal, all their games should be on espn+ because their fans will subscribe.

Big 12 should get all our games on over the air broadcast.

In my opinion.

I’m only paying $15.95 per month for ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu with ads.